Monday, July 21, 2008

Journey To The Centre of The Earth

well, after long struggling day on sunday, we went for a movie. yes, u're rite!! but then actuali i wanna watch the 3D version. tried to book tickets for it from several cinemas but failed. so i gave up. we jus went for the normal version first in IOI Mall Puchong at 740pm. :) well, i shld say reali worth for the price. if it's 3D, it wil b more exciting. i'm not going to write the story abt it. u urself go and watch for it. reali worth it. mayb i like those science fiction stuff. so i reali enjoy my movie :) i'm going to look for the novel by Jules Verne (1864).. wow, more than a century back then.. i was surprised when i googled abt it and i found tat in 1959, Henry Levin actuali directed the movie based on the novel. well, now in 2008, Eric Brevig is doing the same movie again. so jus sit back and relax and enjoy the movie.. :)

Cast: Brendon Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem

Rating: 10/10


  1. Ann said the movie is very nice if watch in 3D. She said most of the scene is in 3D.. i think want to watch 3D.

  2. ok.. lets watch it in 3D again. i dun mind if u wanna treat me.. hehe :P.. alwis oso u treat de lar..