Monday, July 14, 2008

Cure to my Face

hmm.. liangzai read my blog and told my MIL abt how sad i am to my face allergy. my MIL is reali a nice lady. help me to seek for those chinese herbs/tonics recipes. but too bad.. i think she forgotten where she put tat d.

well, chinese believe tat if u're sick and cant b cured after some time, it's better to go for some prayers and ask god for direction. er.. i dun reali believe on this. but my mum and MIL ask me to do so. so as a filial gal, i dowan both elders to b disappointed and dowan them to worry so much. so i go to the temple lor.

reached temple abt 11am. after praying, we hv to wait for that 'bomoh' til 12pm. then ask the 'bomoh' lor.. tel him my face like this and tat. seen doc but stil kenot recover. haha.. as if i'm seeking consultancy from god lar.. then the bomoh said i 'terkena' those dirty stuff. hv to pray pray. then use the prayers water to wash my face. and take more green bean soup, 海龙海马 (chinese herbs) and aloe vera. kenot eat seafood, mushrooms, peanuts and oyster sauce.. wah, god oso kno abt this ler.. this is wat i'm practising since i had my face allergy. well, continue doing so lor.

liangzai's cousin given me a herbal lotion. it look like toner. the brand is Neoderma. i'm not sure how good it can work on me. but her son is using this one. i'd been using it for 2 days and i think quite good in controlling oil. but then i dun think i wil use it twice per day cos it seems like a bit dry. and i'm using it together wif my blemish. so it turn out to be even drier. :) but his cousin advised if i feel irritate wif it, then use it alternatively. luckily she mentioned this. :D haha... so i wil use it during day time and wil change to my own toner during nite time lor. cos my skin seems to b extremely oily during day time. hope this can work for me lor.

now i cant put on any makeup. i tried on last friday. but the makeup seems like cracking everywhere ard my face. look horrible. but hv to lar.. hai~~ tahan tahan. i think i have to be vegetarian for one year. mayb can improve on my skin texture. haha.. will seek for specialist consultancy in a few weeks time. y drag so long?? cos i got no money liao.. haha.... next month wil go to specialist lor. hai~ see wat the doc said. hate medicine so much. i hope the doc wont gip me any medicine to swallow. hai~~

wish me luck ya!! if can, pray pray for me too.. haha.. :D thx!


  1. u must inside detokxin and outside care

    sea dragon see horse is really very good for skin if not i also wont be so leng zai now, and try milk tristle also

    outside 1...try to cleanse and make it clean all the way enough

    make ur diet to more fruit and vegetable......

    if work...consultation fee rm 3000 u can pay by installment 2 years, if no work...i don wan take ur money...wuhaha

  2. hi wilson
    wah seh.. now ur turn to slaughter me ya.. hehe :P.. i eat a lot of fruits and vege ar..

  3. Boil green bean soup with only some sugar and pandan leaves. This will help to clear toxic from body.

  4. hi lil inbox
    yea.. tat's wat i'm doing every weekend. i wil boil one big pot and wil last for abt 3-4 days.. wil drink it b4 i go to sleep :D