Wednesday, July 30, 2008


can u believe tat i'd to re-type my post for 4th time due to the stupid unstableness on IE?? eesshh.. spoilt my mood.. 凸(\_/)凸 but u guys kno my limited memory stick rite? well, forgotten wat i wanna post liao. ** geram geram **

browsing thru my ipod. pathetic. i hven update the songs for few months d. hv to do some cleaning in my ipod and brush in new songs liao. of cos, my SHE mus remained. err... yumira must be in and not forgetting Eric's one lor.. * slaps head * ok ok.. i kno wat u guys are thinking?? ERIC AGAIN?? hehe.. ya lar.. his songs quite nice ma. dun u agree?? not agree oso hv to agree lar. dun care. anyway, it's my IPOD or urs ar?? y so particular on it, rite? who cares? my bunch of SHE songs are stil there ever since i got my IPOD NANO a few years back. aiya.. their songs oso not bad ma.. i saw them in real person ler. damn cutie babes..

oh ya.. remember wat to tel in my post d.. i got free tickets for 'You Don't Mess With The Zohan'. Thx to Advertlets!! yahoo~~ ok.. paisei,ben!! i onli got 2 reserved. one for me & one for liangzai. wahahha... dunno how's the feel going to be when meeting all the bloggers there wif their superb fantastic DSLR and looking at my pathetic digicam, Canon IXUS! summore onli 7.1 Megapixels.. hmmmm.... -_-" aiks.. biarlar.. as long as FOC tickets for us.. yupppeee!!

yest discussing abt PS2 and PSP again.. eesshhh.. headache lar... PS3?? no money!! aiyo.. liangzai said wanna get PSP Slim and Lite for my birthday wor.. but tat wil b 2 months later story liao. and that means no surprise for me on my birthday present d. aiks... dun care lar.. ambik saje lar.. wahahaha... nonit me keluar money then ok lar rite?? but then i wan PS2 wor.. how ar how ar?? ok.. Uncle Greedy come and kacau me again. He said take both lar, STUPID gal. ya hor.. ok.. I WAN BOTH!!

hai~~ sien.. doing nuthin since this morning. ok.. i kno lil inbox and NKB going to jealous liao. dun care both of u d. purposely 'sai meng' one.. jus to let u kno tat I'M Damn FREE!!


  1. hey, cool down cool down... dont get mad... at times, am like that too....

  2. haha :D
    i'm ok d.. jus now not so ok.. :P
    now wanna head to my yoga class liao.. today wanna get my spine bend bend a bit.. wahaha :P

  3. Hey girls, I was so busy since monday. No time to blog until going home. Quite a lot of issues at work lately. A lot of ppl come and kacau me. Auditor lah, customer la, colleagues la, boss la...hai, really beh tahan. Need some time to breath fresh air.

  4. hahaha.. u got promoted d. tat's y u're so busy.. :) envy ur promotion but not ur job. wahahha... paisei paisei...