Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To CK & Wilson

well, last weekend was reali full of event til last nite... ** pengsan ** tired tired man!!.. yesterday was CK's birthday day and today is wilson's one.


we went to uphill to celebrate their birthdays. and these are the pics...

eh eh.. not this.. we din go to gasoline.. instead we went to this =>

Lookout Point...

we parked our car at down the hill and walked up. while walking, we curi curi take pics.. leaving them walking up first...

guess wat we ate??

French Fries => Appetizers.. but yucks... cos it's not crispy and cold.

1) Garlic Chicken
2) BBQ Chicken

Carrot Milk

Special Sizzling Chicken Chop & Apple Juice

Fish & Chips and Rose Tea...

CK's Birthday Cake

Nite View from the Restaurant...

hehe.. paisei paisei...

after dinner, we went up to Menara Tinjau.. to tinjau the view of KL.. ok lar.. so full.. so we jus jalan jalan lor...

see.. summore can posing wif frens.. wahhaah :P

anyway, guys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA!


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Good food!!! Good companion!!!

  2. Wow..

    I didn't know we have such nice place there! Where is it exactly? =P

  3. hmm.. good one.. i dunno how to explain to u.. but it's the place where they called it as small genting!!.. haha..