Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camera - Talk

wow.. since this morning, my collix had been toking abt cameras and photography. of cos, i cant miss out that session rite? i oso keh poh lar. although i kno nuthin abt photgraphy, thru this lil chatting wif them, learnt sth. :) digital cameras oso can take nice nice pic like DSLR. :) of cos lar. u dun compare the quality wif the DSLR. :D well actuali i'm not so into photography, but since i got a blog for myself, i'd been taking lotsa pics. and my wish growing. hehe.. yes!! to Own A DSLR. y not rite? yahoo~~ some of the gals find tat it's kinda boring abt this. but i enjoy. cos i starting to like photgraphy. liangzai has a lil habit. he likes to take pics and capture each and every single moment on special occasions. he said photos can bring those sweet memories back. tat time, i was like a dumbo. i laughed at him and teased him. but now, it's my turn to be siao. haha.. yes!! i start to take pictures too. i take abt food outside, home-cooked food, every single thing tat happened ard me. and share out. of cos lar, my skill damn lousy. i kno tat. but i believe this can be improved, rite? yes yes yes!! I WAN A DSLR.. ok?? dear, get one for me ya :P

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  1. but but.. dlsr is so huge and heavy.. hard to carry around le.. i am happy wif my little canon digital ixus.. take good pic, convenient to carry!