Friday, July 18, 2008

Cactus of Love

i got this lil cute cactus on the 7th and i alwis the big head prawn(大头虾 => pls read in cantonese and when it's translated to english, it means forgetful). i alwis forget to take pics on it. everyday i saw it on my working table, it reminded me to get my cam but stil i can forget it after work. ok.. today manage to get my cam to work and manage to grab a pic of it.

ya.. cactus onli ma.. nuthin special. so y wanna take pic on it? aiya... it's a special cactus. a present not from liangzai but my good frens, CK and Yee Ling. they went to cameron the other day and i 'slaughter' them for souvenir from there and i mentioned tat i wan a CACTUS! voila, there comes my cute lil cactus. tat's y my topic entitled 'CACTUS of LOVE'.. of cos, not those 'lovey' stuff tat u think of, it's jus the love between frens.

reali appreciate tat they took my words seriously and grab one cactus for me. :) not onli cactus, they gip us 3 packets of cherry tomatoes wic i'd already used it for my spagetti. :) it's reali sweet. thx!

ok lar.. enuff for the crap. so here's the pic.. :)

ya lar.. a bit senget.. cos CK torture it.. kelian my Cactus!! i think he wanna torture me but kenot.. tat's y he do tat to my Cactus :P


  1. affinity for footballJuly 18, 2008 at 11:42 AM

    Wahlao eh ... my CACTUS turn into monster liao. What kind of mutated water you watering it?

  2. i'm using my saliva onli lar.. :P

  3. If not mistaken, according to Feng Shui, cactus is not good for career if you put on your work desk. I'm not sure how true it is.

  4. wah. is tat true? i was thinking tat cactus can actuali absorb the radioactive from my lappie. tat's y i put it at my work desk. so if feng shui not good, i wil bring back home then.. :D thx for the reminder!