Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sudoku Again??

phew~~ it was after some time where i stick my butt and crack my head on sudoku.. had been addicted to it a few yrs ago until i got fed up waiting for another new puzzle daily from the star newspaper.

yahoo~~ luckily now i dun hv to wait. i joined facebook and gotta play wif lotsa players out there.. i shld say they are damn geng.. mayb they are not geng, jus tat i'm veli lousy. but anyway, my brain can twist and turn the numbers quite fast now and i shall say I'm IMPROVING.. hehe.. so anyone there wanna try out? wahaha.. stil practising lar.. but i like it lar.. play whole day until i gone coo-koo.. hehe.. so wanna add me as fren in facebook?? my id is
then we can challenge sudoku again ya.. :P


  1. Hi Liang Mui, this is one game, or even crossword puzzles I have never tried.
    Lots of my friends do it.
    Heard its fun.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  2. hi uncle lee
    good to see u back again! i nv try on crossword cos i'm not good in words. tat's y go for numbers instead :)

    hi lil inbox..
    come.. we play together :P

  3. i dont know how to play sudoku... can never understand that