Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome Back To Malaysia

30th August is coming soon. i jus cant wait this day to come. y?? merdeka eve ma... no lar.. i'm not a patriotic gal.. haha.. public holiday?? ya.. but malaysia has a lot of public holidays.. so nuthin special d.. hehe.. so can guess wat's happening???

my best best best 38 fren is coming back from UK.

now thinking back how i get to kno this 38 poh.. haha... quite fun.

she was my classmate during primary school time. (** omg.. can u imagine how long our friendship have last??) but during tat time, we were not so close to each other. onli hi-bye frens. but i stil remember the times we play UNO, teng teng, getah together after our UPSR. i'm not sure whether she remember or not...

after primary 6, we went to the same secondary school. wow.. fate jus doesnt wan us to be seperated. haha.. but too bad, we're not in the same class cos i enrolled late tat time due to different co-ed secondary school assigned to me and my parents had to crack their head to make sure i'm back to all-gals school. tough time. my UPSR results are not good. tat's y i troubled my parents so much. regretted for playing too much during primary time. haha... luckily the headmistress was good to accept my application. :) i stil remember how my mum waited for her everyday without fail, jus to make sure that i can b accepted in all-gals school.

we were in the same class at form 3. this was the time where our 38 times begin. she look innocent, quiet and easy being bullied gal. wahhaha :P and she was placed to sit behind me. but dun ever judge the book by its cover. she can b 38 at most of the times and she never get enuff sleep. everyday oso complain sleepy.. i think i kena influenced by her oledi.. haha.. we chatted almost everything and being 38 in the class and especially when teacher was teaching in front and we chatted at the back. ei.. we dun use mouth to chat but we wrote everything on the papers and passed to each other. i guess this is how MSN created. wahhaha... :D we were veli mischievious. nah.. we dun play tricks to teachers but then we alwis laughed out loud when teacher was teaching. the whole class was confused on the stuff we were laughing at.. haha... at this onli last for one year. we were seperated again into different classes after form 3. again PMR results not good. tat's y kenot b same class to her.

we never missed the chance to be 38 whenever we met up. we have same tuition classes. i stil remember add maths and english. 38 poh, u stil remember MR KOH?? he alwis like to use those 'bombastic' words tat i can hardly understand. we had to carry the 3-inches thick dictionary to tuition.. phew~~ summore had to stick together wif those top students from different school. damn tension. but we stil 38. jus dunno y. i stil remember how we compete to solve all those add maths questions during Mr Teng's class? i think u din join in. but alwis try my best to solve the questions fast with many mistakes on my papers.. wahahha.. nvm lar.. janji cepat boleh lar.. :P.. and this last for 2 yrs.. can u imagine? wat a short period.. haha...

after secondary school, we almost lost contact. too bad.. no news from her. i onli knew abt her thru my fren wic studied the same school as hers as she further her studies to Form 6 and i went to college. too bad.. but i managed to get her hp. i contacted her when she continued her tertiery studies in KL. so nice and happy and enjoyable..hahha... we went out for shopping. we makan a lot.. 38 poh, stil remember how we swallow so much food in secret recipe? we looked like hungry ghost. omg!! wat to do.. food lovers memang like tat.. wahahha...

i was so sad when she informed me tat she wanna continue her studies in UK (** study again ar?? aiyo..) and she said it wil onli last for 6 months.. but she lied. this last for 2 yrs man. i remember i cried in airport when she was leaving to UK man.. but kenot show to her. later she cry too. luckily we got MSN. she called me once when she was in UK tat time. thanks dear!! u're beside me when i needed u most. we chatted everything in MSN until liangzai suspected sth wrong to me.. indeed!! haha.. until today, i share out everything to her. my joy, my sadness, my 38 times.. hey, but then shopping wont b nice without u. joy wont b nice without u. hai~~ it's kinda like miss out sth. ya.. the feel.. the bond.. i miss everything. almost everyday i had to MSN her to ask when she wil b back?? even her mum oso complained tat she lied.. wahha :P..

yes!! at last, she told me she wil b back on 30th august. do u kno how happy i am? i make sure i wil b in airport when she's back. i told liangzai i'm going to airport to see her back and he said i'm crazy. well, ya.. crazy for my best fren. long apart best fren ler.. hehe.. i jus cant wait tat time reached..

oh ya.. wrote so much but i forgotten to name her rite? hehe.. she's my 38 Jynnice.. but i dun call her tat.. her nick => ah ho. but i stil prefer to call her, Cha Bo.. wahhaha.... here's her pic. oh ya.. she's stil single and available ya. anyone? cha bo for sale!! haha.. hope she dun read this.. or else i kena kao kao from her...

P/S: she was there to witness liangzai propose to me.. hehe... so so so fun!!


  1. it's always good to have such a good/close buddy. and such friendship is not easy to build. where you can share everything.... am glad you found one!! treasure it!!

  2. hi NKB,
    u're rite. and i wil treasure it alwis.. :D

  3. Wah, so long ago you already have "manual" MSN ar?
    So glad to know that you're so anticipating for your best friend's return. Your friendship is the truly pure, as you got to know each other since primary school.

  4. hi lil inbox,
    ya lor.. haha.. tat's y i'm in IT line. i guess bcos i created the 'manual' MSN at the age of 15.. haha :)