Tuesday, July 1, 2008


receive a call from a fren the other day and she complained a lot to me.. hai~~ gals alwis complain and nag rite? ok.. so as a childhood good fren.. i jus listen. during the whole conversation, she was blaming on everyone tat avoiding her. and i kno y.. haha...

first, she's kinda gal tat has veli extremely high ego. she alwis think tat she's alwis the one tat has the best way for everybody and she alwis rejects ppls' opinions becos she thinks tat she is the one tat is correct.
** but then not everyone MUST follow ur way ma. try to accept ppls' opinions before rejecting it. maybe theirs are as good as urs ler.. how u kno theirs are the wrong one if u din digest it properly?

second, she alwis think tat she's a leader and everyone is her followers. she thinks tat everyone has the same direction as hers. so those who follow her steps are the good ones and those who dun will be the dis-obedient and negative ones.
**of cos, in corporate ladder, i admit she's a veli successful career woman but i dun agree tat she's a good leader. Leader and Manager is different rite? Leader is where u lead ur team, u gip them ur fullest support on wat they are doing and just make sure their direction is correct. Manager is manage ur team, giving orders to ppl. no objections. must follow. yiutelme lar.. who wanna work together wif u?

third, whenever she toks to ppl, she's the one alwis hv her points. others will b rubbish. like chinese proverb mentioned 'She has her talkings and others dun' (有她讲,没你讲)
** then yiutelme again lar.. who wanna tok to u when they got problems? u dun understand ppl's situation. u onli think abt urself, urself and urself. u can do tat part doesnt mean tat everyone can do so.

forth, she alwis say one thing then do the other thing. (讲一套,做一套)
** aiyo.. this one lagi teruk.. she's confusing ppl and yet she said ppl's confusing her.

u guys tel me lar.. wat am i suppose to do? i oso avoid lazy to entertain her lar.. dun say other ppl rite? so end up, i jus advise her 'REFLECT URSELF'.. y ppl avoiding her? and she stil wanna force ppl to stick wif her? yiutelmi lar.. apa boleh saya buat? (wat can i do?) all i can do is i jus sit there, listen to her bullshiting and do nothin.. hai~~


  1. About your fren, is very hard and sensitive case. I think most of us have this kind of people around me...again, is the matter u treat them as stranger, normal fren, fren or good fren....

    From what i read at yr blog, u also dun wan to entertain her...but is good u spent time listen to her...at least u have did a good job as a listener..

    2 points...In 心理学, maybe she knows her problems, it just she still cannot accept it, and she share to her friends, waiting someone to support her feeling and thinking.....it is how they misodirection in their own heart.
    2nd...she totally dun know her problems..

    IF you can straight to the point to tell her your feeling to her, i mean, she is ego la, she is too proud of herself la, her opinion alway correct la this la that la...tell her all these are her weakness....I believe she may think deeply what u say to her...and maybe you may become her very good fren or enermy..all depends on her...

    Anyway, she may has a turning point at this one day..she may wake up....so, if you think she is just a very normal fren to you, just ognore her lo....

  2. Yoooooooooooh….sound terrible fren you hav!!! Tat remind me of someone… she is EXACTLY the same attitude as your fren…hin ah (faint ah). I totally understand how you feel when she is complaining to you. Dunno how to tell her since she does not accept ppl opinion or advise (got she tok no one else tok). Maybe this kind person…we need tied them on the chair and let him/her listen or see our view b4 he/she reject our opinion or idea! Ha ha…. Opsss forget and remember seal the mouth too!

  3. I agreed with anonymous said... some people may chose not to believe in what they are.