Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy Summer Videos

haha.. wanna kno how much fun we had during crazy summer camp? ok.. i attached some videos for u guys to hv a look.. :P

Lazer Zone...

River Crossing...


hahhaa.. can u feel the joy we had??? :P


  1. Hi Liang Mui, bet you had lots of that rope walk.
    Yes, nothing like having fun these kind of games.
    Have you tried bungee jumping? Ha ha.
    Not me! Lee.

  2. hi uncle lee
    if i got chance to try bungee jump, i think i wil. but not after 30 yrs old. i scat i dun hv tat courage anymore.

    u're rite, uncle. i reali love tat rope walk. veli challenging. especially it train on FOcusing and Determination!!