Monday, July 21, 2008

15 Min Chicken Rice..

** u sure ur chicken rice takes onli 15min completely cooked wif the rice and chicken? **
** yes, my dear **
** ok.. then u better share this out in ur blog.. **

well, another conversation wif my fren. damn 38. since she wanna kno the steps, oklar.. i blogged it out. actuali, i read abt this on My Simple Kitchen last friday. normally when i cooked chicken rice, i wil used my wok to do so. but this time, i decided to learn from wat i'd read. so instead of using my wok, i use rice cooker.

ok.. the ingredients are stated in the link above. but i jus do it my own style. not following much too. :)... earli morning, get chicken breast out from the fridge and defrost it. well, i had a lunch date session wif Janice and Wilson in Neway karaoke. so i nit to get everything done b4 11am wic i'm supposed to get out from the house at tat time.

to get the chicken marinated completely into the meat, my mum taught me a way of doing so. pick a fork and poke on the meat.. wahahha.. easy ler.. ok.. i poke a few times on the chicken. then get the onions and ginger peeled nicely. and get ready for me to tumbuk...

er.. wat's this called?? can someone pls tel me??? my mum bought this for me. cos she said use this to tumbuk chili veli nice compared to those blended one. and she's correct.

P/S: ok.. this is called Batu Lesung as wat Little Inbox mentioned in my comment. Thanks, Inbox!
yahoo~~ peiyun told me d... it's MORTAR & PESTLE. omg!! ** sweating ** i shld hv b extremely hardworking when i'm younger. see.. kids out there.. dun play too much ar.. or else wil bcome like jie jie. simple english oso kenot remember... haha

and i tumbuk the onions and ginger til it look like this....

and i squeezed the juice out from mixture of ginger and onions into my chicken and marinate it for a few hours. (er.. i finished this abt 10.45am and cooked it at 7pm)..

at nite, i took out the mixture tat i tumbuk earlier this morning and chopped garlic from the fridge. stir fried them until fragrant. then i added in the juice leftover for the chicken marinating. stir fried again. then add in water (depends on the amount of rice u're cooking.. normally 1 cup of water = 1 cup of rice), soy sauce and sesame oil. then i poured the mixture to the rice cooker.. and then, place the chicken on top. so it look like this. and let it cook. yahoo~~ save job and time...

TA DA!! job completed.. tested the taste.. oppss.. forgot to add in a lil bit of salt.. haha.. so guess wat? i add in light soy sauce on the rice and i kacau kacau it. then let it keep warm a while.

so.. the left is my portion and the right is liangzai's one. how come din cut the chicken into pieces?? nop.. i din.. cos onli 1 chicken breast so i jus tore it up into half. i took a bit and the rest goes to liangzai's tummy.

haha.. finished it within 5 mins.. damn hungry but liangzai stil full wor.. so he ate a bit.

funny stuff?? er.. ya.. rice not enuff actuali.. haha... when i'm preparing the rice, i jus realised tat the rice is not enuff. luckily we had heavy tea break. wahahhaha... well, this portion is ngam ngam nice for 1 person (liangzai's size ok?? if my size ar, sure will left one small bowl one).. wahhaha :P

if u wan the rice and the chicken to taste even more better, add in pandan leaves. tumbuk together wif the ginger and onions and juiced it. then add some pandan leaves when u're cooking the rice. it's reali taste better. :)


  1. Unbelievable 15mins Chicken Rice!! Eh, you break everybody's record, ok?? hahahahahaa

  2. Liang Mui, that is called Batu Lesung. So, you cook chicken together with the rice la, I see. Me, I used to steam the chicken, and use the chicken sauce to stir fry the rice with stripped ginger and chopped garlic, and add adequate of water to cook in the rice cooker. Besides, I also prepare chili sauce with red chilli, ginger, garlic, lime juice, light soy sauce and lil bit sugar.

  3. hi nkb..
    u sure i break the record d??
    haha.. tat's good...

    hi inbox..
    batu lesung..ok.. but wat do u named it in english?? hehe... my mum actuali prepared the chili for me d. but then liangzai said he dowan to take the chili. so i jus skipped it. wow, surprisingly liangzai ate the whole chicken. he actuali dun reali like the steamed chicken. luckily i marinated the chicken for long hours. :) so it taste yummy.. wahahha.. beh paisei hor...

  4. Joan,

    It's called a mortar (the bowl) and pestle (the tumbuk thingy) :)

    Ah.. I like the Simple Kitchen website you mentioned!

    Good for kitchen dummies like me!

  5. pei yun,
    thx for the info!! i swear to god. i reali think hard for this man. all i can remember is the 'pester'... haha.. anyway, i stil get it wrong. thx a lot ya!!