Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being Influenced to Blog

ever since i started blogging, i'm crazy over my BLOG. and i think some of my frens are being influenced. they started their own blog too.. ahha..

at first, liangzai think i'm over excited abt my blog and i'd been toking abt my blog every day. he read mine and commented. he once mentioned tat writing a blog is not good cos u're exposing everything abt ur personal life in internet wic means to everybody. but then i told him "who ask u to blog every single thing abt urself? u can choose one ma.. ".. and now he started his own blog too. well, first achievement!

2nd, Joan!! haha... she is waiting for my new post everyday and wont miss to read every single post. got once she told me.. "y u can write so long one ar? everyday oso got so many things to write... but i like it. ur posts are quite humourous." well, thx for the compliments. hehe.. well, i dunno y i can write so long but it seems like my blog make me hv the feeling to write everything out. jus to share out wif everyone. like wat Lil inbox commented in New kid's post, sometimes u feel comfortable to tok to someone u dunno rather than ur close ones. yes.. u're rite, Inbox!! and she started her own one too. but it's her Private and Personal one. yup.. her own diary. not good lar.. reading ppl's diary rite.. :)

3rd one.. here comes the 38 Fishball. well, he actuali created an account for himself but then he dun write! y ar? dunno ler.. alwis giving excuses like no mood to write lar.. this lar that lar.. hear liao oso sien. he questioned me this morning.. again. same like JOAN.. "how do u manage to get so many things to write everyday? mayb my life is not as colorful as urs. tat's y i got nutin to write."... well, actuali it has nuthin to do wif my life lar.. haha.. jus tat i feel like blogging.. i feel like writing. so i write lor. hmm.. where do i get all those topics? thru conversation wif frens or hubby or anyone.. haha.. u might not kno.. sometimes when i tok to ppl, one special word might out of sudden click on my brain for the post of next day., Let us gip him a warm applause ya. he started writing yesterday. highly recommended cos this guy reali funny and 38 lar.. even more 38 than me ler.. i think i hv to brainstorm him daily so tat he got the topic to write on. 3rd achievement!!

i din kno tat my small small step can influenced so many (er.. more than 1 is considered MANY, rite?) ppl. haha.. ya.. I Enjoy writing in BLOG. i think they can feel it and they started one. My sis said tat my blog looks more like my diary except tat i dun write sth extremely personal. ya.. she's rite!! i jus wan to jot down sth to share wif ppl. y ar? cos my closed ones are not beside me except liangzai. my best frens are aparted away from me. so i'm lazy to update each and everyone abt myself so wat i do? i write in blog and ask them keep update in my blog.. wahha.. at least, they have my news updated and i dun hv to repeat each and everything to them. good idea rite?

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