Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spagetti for Dinner

i read sasha's blog yest and she mentioned abt her frugal meal. now my turn to show off myself on my extravagant dinner yest.. haha :P.. hope she dun kill me for this. wanna take opportunity to apologise to u all cos i din manage to grab my cam and take pics on my cooking. better dun lar.. i scat ur saliva dripping everywhere :P.. haha...

how do i manage to get my spagetti done within one hour ar? damn easy. earli morning before going out to work, i grabbed out all the ingredients tat i nit from the freezer to defroze it. i took minced pork, chicken breast and prawns. ya ya.. i kno u guys telling me tat i'm stupid enuff to get the prawns out from the freezer rite? i shld put it in the fridge and it stil wil defroze.. dun scold me lar.. i dunno ma. the first time i'm having prawns in my freezer ler. ** har?? first time ar?? ya lar.. first time. cos i'm allergy to prawns so normally i dun buy prawns plus i remembered during the period when my mum was in kl previously, she bought prawns but she cooked them immediately. so din keep in freezer ma. so how i kno wor... :(

getting spagetti done is even easier than cook a set of dinner consists of rice, 1 vege and 1 pork. saves time and energy.. haha.. ok, back to topic...

so i reached home ard 630pm. the first thing, i opened the door then rushed to kitchen. good.. everything is defrozed. so i get the minced pork out and marinated it wif some pepper and light soy sauce. and left it there. then i boiled a pot of water wif some oil and salt added in. i washed the chicken meat and rinsed off the water in the prawns' container. well, it stink!! haha.. ermm.. not stink.. it's just tat the seafood smell lar.. haha.. then re-fill water again. then went to get myself a change to casual clothes. haha.. u dun expect me to cook wif my office wear on rite??

after tat, get down from my room. went to the fridge and get the cherrie tomatoes (given by Uncle CK and Auntie Yee Ling from Cameron) and half of red chilli. washed the tomatoes and cut into half. aiya.. quite small ler.. how to dice it? if i diced them, it wil bcome minced tomatoes d.. looks yucky rite? after tat, sliced the chilli. then get a can of mushrooms. opened the can and get the mushrooms out. rinsed them wif water several times. then cut them into pieces. then get a can of tomato puree and opened the can.. ok.. stil remember i was boiling the water rite? ok.. once the water boiled, i put in the linguine in. well, according to instructions, it says boil it for 9-11 minutes. ok.. so while waiting, i get everything prepared lor.. proceed to dicing the chicken meat. and washed the prawns. i added in some salt for marinating the prawns. get an big onion and chopped it.

10mins passed. well, the instructions tipu me. it says 9-11mins and the linguine will be ready rite? hai~~ i hv to ask steve to test on the linguine whether it's soft enuff to take it out or not? first attempt failed. so i jus let it boil another 10mins. 2nd attempt, OK!! hahaha.... so i get a container. filled in wif corn oil and oregano leaves (depends on ur taste lar. wanna put the leaves extremely banyak oso can...). so i took out the linguine and placed it in the container and mixed them well wif the ingredients. ok.. gao tim!! LINGUINE is ready. so it was the sauce's turn.

well, at this time, liangzai is back from work. 7pm. he came into the kitchen. and the first thing he asked was not offering help to me instead 'so slow one? not yet gao tim ar?'... eeessshh!! eeeessshhh!! kns. ppl busy like auntie liao summore kena complain. wanna slap him. wahhaha... he summore said 'aiyo!!! so much of minced pork ar? u wanna put everything into the sauce is it?'.. hmm.. ya, wat's wrong?.. 'so much meat liao. got chicken summore.. can i take half out for my fried wan tan??'.. TA DA!!! tat's the main reason y he cakap banyak lar.. wanna eat fried wantan.. summore tel me so much meat. ok lar.. see him so kelian. i allowed him to do so.. but i'm not going to wrap tat wan tan. he wrapped himself. ** wah, ur liangzai can cook ar? summore help u out wor.. so sweet of him..** ya.. he can cook. but some of the dishes taste so-so onli cos he alwis rushing to get it done fast as he alwis get hungry while cooking it half-way. :P i bet he's going to kill me now...

aiyo.. ok back to spagetti sauce.. wahhaha... get the wok, pour in some oil and heat it up. eessshh.. macam lar orang tak tau i was using the wok to cook.. haha.. :P.. then add in some garlic and chopped onions and fried it until fragrant.. then, added in the minced pork and chicken meat. fried them. mixed well wif the onions and garlic. then added tomato puree. then mixed them well. there wil b some leftover of the puree in the can. dun throw the can first. filled the can wif water and stirred the puree together wif water. then added bit by bit into the sauce until ur preferred thickness of the sauce. then add in the mushrooms and tomatoes and chillies. covered the wok up and let it boil for several minutes.

then liangzai showed off his skill on frying his wan tan. ok lar.. let him fry.. then i jus washed all the plates and bowls tat i'd used just now. ok.. after washing the plates, i asked him to test the taste of the sauce. too sour cos tomatoes and the puree. guess wat we do? add in chilli sauce, light soy sauce and pepper. let the sauce boil for a while. so when the sauce is ready, the wantan is ready, we started our dinner. yahoo~~~ ngam ngam for 4 persons. of cos, got leftover a small bowl of the linguine and the sauce. guess wat??? supper lor.. not mine of cos, it's liangzai. so u guys kno y he keep on growing horizontally instead of vertically oledi?? hehehe... :P


  1. Liang Mui, I like to cook spaghetti also, read my blog on Home cooked spaghetti.
    Hey, why you don't capture pic one?

  2. inbox, i actuali wanted to do so. but my 'hardworking' liangzai dowan to let me to do so. hai~~ tat's y i din capture any lor.. nvm.. next time i get ready my cam beside me while cooking.. :D

  3. That is not normal wantan, is special golden brown lovely cute cute special wantan.. you cant get it in the market..

  4. ai ya, too bad no picture la!!! sad sad sad sad ....

  5. nkb, dun sad sad... i sayang u ya...

  6. affinity for footballJuly 18, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    Ha ha ... no wonder laing zhai look so "wide" these days and also shu shu di di looks like pregnant 5 months :P

  7. tat one i cant help lar... they eat as if they wont be able to eat again the next time like tat... i dun t hink they are eating lar.. they are stuffing everything in tummy.. tat's y getting wider lar