Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i saw this contest when i was browsing thru Advertlets.com and thought why not i gip myself a try ya.

well, y I wanna enter this contest? easy.. first, it is bcos I got Adam Sandler and David Schwimmer mixed up. haha.. I alwis thought tat Adam is one of the cast in Friends (America's Famous sitcom). ** fainted ** I actuali watched a few movies starred by Adam wic this includes 50 First Dates, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and the one tat i like the most is Click. I just couldnt forget how his humourous facial expressions and the scripts made me laughed out loud and even rolled off from the chair. :P

2nd bcos of the prize.. i'm not reali interested to the Hair Dryers but the saloon vouchers.. haha.. jus joking. if i can win any of those prizes, i wil treasure it too :).. i think i nit a nice hair-do cos my hair looks like dry grass for those cows, sheeps and horses out there to chew and fill their tummy :). Advertlets is kind enuff to gip us 2 contests to choose. so as i mentioned abt my hair, i gave up the Hair contest. haha.. :) well, i wan tat special limited edition zohan water gun. i'm curious wat's tat.. for Hair? water gun.. hmm.. nuthin related to HAIR :P
3rd bcos.. this is the Most Important one.. is tat I wanna watch it together wif my hubby bcos the movie is open in my hubby's birth month. I wanna surprise him with the movie tickets. ok.. i kno i can buy the tickets but it's more memorable if i can win the tickets rite? my hubby will forever remember this movie. :D

and lastly bcos I nv join in any bloggers' gathering and i wanna try it out this time :) hopefully this is acceptable. I read the blogs out there rgding their bloggers' gathering. it was so fun. and i wanna try it out this time. enjoy the time together wif other Blogger frens. y not rite?

ok.. lets see the trailer..

haha.. i hope he can mess up wif my hair.. dun blow me away.. MY HAIR ya :P


  1. wah i like adam sandlers too. if u get the tickets, bring me, can? :D

  2. hi ben
    if i hv more than 2 tickets, sure wil bring u along. hehe :)
    1 reserved for me, 1 for hubby. hehe.. ok.. if i got more than 2, another 1 for u ok? promised!!