Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canon EOS 450D

yes.. tis is in my wish list since Feb. today, good news in my office. Teoh-san got one for himself yesterday at the Digital Cam Fair held in Mid Valley. 2860 - the price. hmm.. worth it.. not bad!! i oso wanna get one for myself. but i dowan to get into credit cards debts again. haha.. ok.. tahan tahan.. lets see wat's the amount in my liangmui fund.... ** peep peep ** SHIT!! I got AN EGG. ok lar.. tahan tahan again.. ikat perut for a few months.. ** eesshh eessshhh **

(Picture from

OMG~~ can u see its chubby body?? it made me cant stop to hold it tight in my arms.. oooo... and its eye.. wah!! BIG, CLEAR... tat attracted me the most.. wah.. how can i FORGET my 450D?? god!! pls lar... ke lian me a bit. drop some money from the sky specially to me ya.. :P

Warning: Teoh-san, dun seduce me wif ur DSLR.. haha.. or else I RAPE IT.. :P

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