Friday, July 25, 2008


been busying since tis morning cos rushing over a project where everyone is busying over it and i had been playing online games earlier and now it's my turn to get busy. far enuff rite? haha..

was chatting wif Fishball while getting my things done too. mentioned to him tat i nearly fainted when i read his post yest. since he requested me to promote his blog so much, ok.. i do so.. "hey ladies and gentlemen!! he got a funny post. go and read it." so is this ok?? ok lar, rite?? i bolded the font and highlighted it in light blue color.. hehe :P i did my part ya.

he brainstormed me too.. so today wil b toking abt SHIT!! cos i had been 'SHIT'-ing him since this morning.. geng ler.. haha.. no lar..

well, i wondered when did i learnt this word. i think it's abt 20 yrs back when i first blurt out the SHIT word in front of my DAD!! can u just imagine a 7 yr old kid shouted SHIT in front of her DAD? and tat's not the funny part. The funny part was my dad looking for the SHIT cos he tot i shit on the floor. wahahha :P... i laughed at him of cos. then i told him i shouted SHIT, papa.. no SHIT on the floor... then my PAPA asked me where did i learnt tat stupid word with a kinda fierce face!! scared me.. just as wat he expected FROM TV lor. ya ya.. i'm a TV fanatic since i'm a kid. tat's y i earned my another pair of eyes from tat since i'm 5 yr old. GREAT!.. haha... then he asked me again.. do u kno the meaning of SHIT. as a kid, i have been brought up speaking mandarin at home. no one speaks ENGRISH to me. so how would i kno wat SHIT means rite? so i just geleng my head and told him i dunno wat's tat mean. guess wat my GREAT papa told me.. he explained "SHIT is SAI(屎)(well, he explained it in Hokkien) or DA BIAN(大便) (and in mandarin)." so as a little kid, at last, i got to kno the meaning of the word SHIT. but then PAPA.. "y the Ang-Mo in the TV alwis say SHIT but there's no SHIT on the floor?" wahahha... my papa got stunned this time. he dunno how to answer my question. see.. how expert i am to make my papa silent for a few seconds. then he continued "When u get older, u wil kno lor".. ya he's rite? when i get older, i kno they alwis shouted SHIT for fun. haha.. SWEARING purposes... i alwis like to say 'SHIT U!', 'HE HAS A SHIT FACE', 'CAN U ASK TAT BLARDY SHIT KNS TO SHUT UP?' or 'SHIT! I should hv done this instead of that.' and etc etc.. wahahhaa.. ahem~~ in MSN onli ya.. tat's the POWER of WORD. a simple NOUN can make u EXPRESS urself NICELY.. agree??

sometimes it's kinda funny when u look at the power of languages.. take Shit for example. haha

in Hokkien, they will say it as Pang Sai (放屎) where u translated to English, it means let go the SHIT.. hmmm... well, sounds LOGIC. we dowan the shit to keep inside our body for a long time rite?

in Mandarin, they wil say it as Da Bian (大便) where u searched the meaning of it, it means Bowel Movement. well, LOGIC too. cos ur bowel nit to move in order to get those shit out. :) well, some ppl wont say it out like tat. Good Manners. they will addressed it as doing Big Business (做大事). i dunno y they relate SHIT as BUSINESS?? anything to do wif it. hmmm i guess mayb CHINESE alwis assume SHIT as GOLD(黄金). so when u're SHIT-ing, they assume u're mining a great bunch of gold. haha.. this is wat i think lar..

in Medical Line, they will adddress it as Feces or 排汇物. so all these sharing the same meaning wic means something tat is digested from the body and the leftover will be dump out from the body. well, how nice the word rite? FECES.. but does FECES and FAECES(粪) the same? to me, both are the same. wahaha :P Stil, it means SHIT!

hmmm.. anymore? well, sure got lar.. haha.. but dun expect me to list down each and every one here rite? i kno some of u r taking ur lunch or tea or breakfast when u read my blog. ok.. jus to stop making u guys vomit. well, i'm hving my lunch now and i'm writing abt SHIT. omg~~ wat a SHIT-TY stuff to do. jus another NEW method to help me to eat less. wahaha.. remember my diet plan?? :P so i'm helping u gals to go for diet too..


  1. Wei, really busy or not? Why still type long long post one? Shit post somemore, beh tahan...

  2. haha.. reali busy. tat's y i mentioned i was busy TAT MORNING instead of TAT DAY.. hahah :P...