Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beauty of Writing a Blog

wahahha... well, i had been on leave yest and surprisingly this morning, Joan told me tat she like to read my blog. sometimes, she wil even remind me earli in the morning. 'wei.. faster blog lar' or 'dun work lor.. blogging' or 'u blogging today?' i blog everyday unless i'm on leave or not at work cos i dun hv internet connection at home. hehe.. nvm.. tahan until next yr then i wil hv internet at home. yahoo~~~

hmmm.. i dun write well yet i earn some readers. haha.. good beginning. i think mostly bcos i write more abt myself and my frens get to kno me more and they participate in discussion openly without hv to telling out where sometimes, it's kinda privacy rite? tat's y they can put ANONYMOUS. so tat i dunno them.. haha.. criticism..

when i first write in blog, i'm reali damn 38. i ask my frens ard me to read my blog, to support my blog. liangzai even discussed wif me how to make my blog more attractive so tat can attract more readers to read it. but now, i dun reali care much abt how many ppl leave comments to me. i jus appreciate every word tat they typed in my 'chirps'. haha.. at least i kno there are some ppl out there are giving moral support to me whenever i'm happy or sad. this is the best part of blog.

well, i'm not a writer for diary. cos i dun reali like to write as my handwriting is not tat beautiful. tat's y i typed.. haha... i write everything on earth in my blog and share it out wif ppl. i expressed everything in my blog. i kno sometimes it's not so good to write everything here as many ppl can read it thru internet. tat means u dun hv any privacy as u write everything happened ard u. haha... but there's things where i can select whether to write or not to write rite? hehe... if i'm happy, i jus write something tat is joyful. if i'm sad, i jus write somethings tat's sad.

ppl wil said y cant i tel liangzai everything instead writing in blog? well, it's kinda different lar. there's some topics where i cant reali discussed it out from face to face. instead writing it out wil b more simpler. :) rite? sometimes, there might b someone out there supporting me. giving all the advises to me.

there are times where my frens gave me some topics to write abt. mostly are those they wanna express it out but then the other half jus wont listen to wat they said. so thru my blog, they wil take the opportunity to tel the other half to read on wat i'd wrote and ask their comments. ok lar.. i kno i'm damn keh poh on tat. but then i'm jus trying to help them ma. dun blame me or ur beloved ones ok.. haha...

i'm not sure how i manage to hv a bunch of readers out there. and they can stick with my blog ever since i started writing my own blog.. i think mayb it's all abt myself and my frens wanna get to kno me better. tat's y they stick wif me. thank you veli much.


  1. Liang Mui, we are here to support each other. Hey me too, you see, I express my love to my dear through my blog also. It's a great method, isn't it?

  2. Well, you have got this reader all the way from Penang to read your blog every morning before I start work!!! :)

  3. hi lil inbox,
    u're rite.. it's a great method. cos my liangzai alwis complain tat i nv say the 3 magic words to him..

    hi NKB,
    thx a lot!! i'm doing the same too. every morning will read ur blog and oso lil inbox's one.. :)

  4. Liang Mui pay me to support her wan, you know? :P

    ~affinity for football~

  5. hi affinity..
    u're rite.. i pay u shit to support me :P

  6. So rough words ... liang mui, later affect yr readers oh :P

    ~affinity for football~

  7. affinity, i dun think so lar. cos my readers prefer me to b veli honest instead of acting cute.. haha :P