Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bouquet of Lovey Dovey Lilies..

paisei paisei.. i kno u guys had been missing me yesterday. i was on leave. Reali on leave. tat's y i din update my blog. reali sorry for tat ya. owe u guys so many posts. ok.. i'll try to post watever i'd done last weekend in my blog ya.

well, as per promised, i stil owe u guys the pics of my bouquet of lilies rite? here u go..

so sweet ler.. i fast fast go home put my flowers in my room and fast fast grab liangzai to take a pic for me b4 went out for shopping wif Janice. hehe.. see how sweet i am :P.. ok ok.. dun jealous lar.. those married guys out there.. better gip ur wives some surprises.. they wil look as sweet as me.. or mayb even sweeter.. haha :P

the lovey card.. can read wat liangzai wrote??? aiyo.. his handwriting.. ** fainted ** so ugly.. but nvm lar.. i kno wat he wrote enuff lor rite? hehehe :P


  1. Yooo......So sweet! Nice bouquet.

  2. ya la... so sweet, so romantic.

    eh, for a guy, liangzai's hand writting not bad liao lor.

  3. I'm green... with envy!


  4. hi NKB
    phew~~ u're the first one to praise his handwriting.. :D

    hi peiyun..
    dun envy.. ask ur bf to read my blog so tat he can gip u a surprise..

  5. Joan,

    Problem is...he may not even know I have a blog =S


  6. hahhaa.. nvm.. jus ask him to read my blog enuff.. :P