Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steamboat Again~~

hai~~ feeling so happy and down. happy bcos of sth. well, informed u guys later once everything is confirmed ya.. down bcos tonite hv to eat again. i'm wondering how can i b like a pig. jus eat and sleep onli.

i'm getting my tummy to suffer real hard this week. yest went out for bak kut teh dinner together wif liangzai. jus imagine.. 2 of us.. we ordered one dry and soup bak kut teh, 1 vege and 3 bowls of rice. er.. i onli took one bowl ya.. and it costed us abt rm28. ** sob sob ** we'd been saving for not going out for dinner for 3 days and yest we spent one shot for bak kut teh.. heart pain!!

tonite will b joining for steamboat session wif my collix. but i'm quite sleepy and tired now. how ar?? i look like a zombie. my body is roaming ard without my soul. ooohh... myy god!! haha...

well, i'd forgotten to bring my camera AGAIN!! recently, i'm kinda getting more and more look alike like dory fish.. so forgetful ler.. jia lat.. luckily stil remember to go to work, to sleep and to eat.. hahaha.. or else no money and no life lor.. i'm jus wondering if god can pity me a lil bit, jus drop me a few hundred dollars daily for my expenses then i wont hv to b so ke lian to wake up so earli in the morning and stuck in the jam and reach office and look like zombie.. wahhaha...

tis week reali extremely tired. i'd been sleeping more than 24 hours these few days but it nv seems to be enuff.. wat to do.. pig is alwis like tis. ok..:P

oh ya.. after so much of grumbling.. back to the topic. tonite go steamboat wif collix. location => SUNWAY, Yuen Steamboat.. haha.. time => 7pm. funny. meng zai told me there was lotsa hungry ghosts at tat restaurant and i agreed cos i'm one of them too. well, actuali those ppl are just heading for their chicken wings.. nice nice.. but dun hv to take so much until cant finish gua. reali paisei lar.. :P well, tonite will see who's the hungry ghost in my department.. haha... anyone wanna join us? hope liangzai can join oso.. then he wil pay and i wil eat saje.. good idea ler?? hehe :P


  1. I prefer the opposite road of Yuen restaurant.. recommended by Ho Chiak coz they got 6 types of soup & free soft refreshing after eat so hot stuff..hehehe..
    But add on the calories of coz..
    What to do??
    M going for one nearby my office today too with colleague, walking distance...Enjoy ur makan makan session!

  2. wic one u mean? i tried the restaurant opposite yuen too. the one wif the soya bean as the soup one.. but i hven try soya bean. i tried other flavour.

  3. So did your hubby went along and treat you?

    Hope you enjoyed the session!

  4. hi NKB & peiyun
    ya.. i went but then liangzai din follow and i hv to korek my own purse.. haha