Thursday, July 31, 2008

Itchy Hands Again~~

ok.. wanna change some outlook for my blog and my itchy hands reali did sth and messed it up. luckily this time a lil smart. backup all the xml codes. but i stil hv to retype each and every links. my supportings, my advertisements, my favourites and my gang gone!! wahhaha... ** lightning strike effect in brain ** nvm lar.. luckily not as teruk as previous one.. phew~~ ok.. i'm looking for another suitable template for myself.. suit my style.. hehe.. :D


  1. saw your happy meter... what is PSP??? and new born??? what happen???

    i want to change my blog skin too... but don't know how.

  2. haha NKB

    PSP = Playstation Portable.

    aiya.. i'm a suaku gal. ppl oledi play psp until sien liao but i'm just starting to hv one ma..

    i'm downloading some of the skins to try on my test blog.. see whether ngam or not.. headache...