Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 hours of bcoming Celebrity..

ok.. owe u guys this rite?

onli 2 pics on my birthday celebration at Pizza Hut last friday. quite touching. cos a new bunch of frens are giving u surprises kan?? hehe.. the cheese cake reali veli nice.. forget to ask joslyn where's the bakery located.. tomolo onli check it out wif her.. but too bad, i din hv the other non-librans pic ler.. paisei paisei.. hope to take their pics on this friday as we planned to hv a sandwich lunch.. ** omg.. not again.. SANDWICH?? ** oi.. i long time din buat sandwich d. plus this coming friday, i'm not the one who's going to get the sandwich done for the rest of them ya. we 'gotong-royong' together..

ya.. as assigned, i'll get the eggs done.. the rest.. they gao tim lar.. hehe.. :P i jus care abt makan session :P

ok.. para hadirin sekalian, i ingin memperkenalkan 'ji mui' baru ni.. sila tepuk tangan!!
Kah Yen (the one wic specs and green shirt), Liangmui & Cyndi..

kek yg teramat sangat manis.. so touching...

lets see apa yang tertulis atas kek itu.. ** Cyndi and Joan, Happy and Pretty Forever ** even my new buddies oso kno my birthday wish.. so good.. btw, there's one more mui mui zai tat they missed out too.. sorry ya, kah yen.. not me who forgotten u.. their fault.. blame on them.. wahahha... but then nvm lar.. we stil cut the cake together.. :D

so happy.. and this meal cos all of us to b late to office for 30mins. and i had to contra back the time. hai~~ but stil worth it :P

well, lastly, a simple THANKS TO U GUYS.. MUAKS MUAKS...


WTF?!?! if i got everything on hand, i wil do it myself. i dun hv to seek for his damn lame service. WTF??

everything here hv to go thru proper procedure where u hv to fill in a form to apply for software installation in my notebook. and this stupid fella was helping me out. and guess wat? i totally reali beh tahan wif his attitude. if i'm the one who is workign at the helpdesk, i wil get everything done myself without asking him for his 'expert' help. wah lao eh.. damn tulan

earli morning, my collix was asking me to get all the softwares installed in my note book and i went to see this fella. guess wat?? he doesnt sounds so friendly. i tot mayb he was under pressure cos i can see he got lotsa works to do. he told me tat i hv to wait for them to get the license so tat i can install it into my notebook and how come my collix alwis come and rush me to install everything? damn tulan at first d. but then i jus said pls help me to get watever things he had on hand into my notebook first so tat i wont hv to face my pc and note book at the same time.. tat means i'm using 2 devices to do my job. wasting my time and energy.

so after lunch, went back to get my notebook and the application was running. hey man!! this is not my job ok? u're doing it half way and u think i suppose to kno wat u're doing is it? damn tulan. so i jus ask him am i supppose to proceed ur next step? i'm jus asking his permission and he said i'm supposed to kno wat i nit to do. wah lao eh... naik angin lar.. tembak me for wat? i kno wat i'm suppose to do then i nonit bring the stupid kns heavy notebook to ur side and nit to see ur blardy face, correct? u sendiri tension u punya pasal lar.. y let it go at my side? tulan tulan.....

reali WTF!! and my collix doesnt seems like kno wat i'm toking abt? i'm wondering how they get their things done. hai~~~ FED UP -ING

if can, i wanna suggest tat i do the installation and etc etc.. nonit to go thru his blardy service.. damn IT!! reali panas lar sikarang!! ask them to pay his salary to me..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday Mood

hi guys.. wishing u guys happy deepavali first ya.. jus came back from home town and now i dun reali feel like wanna work. how ar?? die lar macam ini...

losta things tat i was supposed to get it done on friday. 1st, i was SUPPOSED to post sth rite? but too bad. busy busy until i forgotten. wahaha.. nuthin much to blog oso. but we had surprises from them again. haha.. wat to do. my lunch buddies damn good lar.. cant help to praise them a lot over here. we went to pizza hut for our birthday celebration and guess wat? the other 3 non-librans gave us a surprise. CHEESE CAKE!! thx to joslyn for putting in so much effort to find a non-choc cake. i heard she had to round the whole puchong jus to get a non-choc cake. but then the cheese cake stil got a little bit of choc powder. but nvm.. i stil love it. paisei to those librans ar.. u guys hv to tolerate a bit cos dun hv chocolate cake. reali paisei.. see!! tat's y i jus cant help to praise praise them lar.. hehe..

2nd, i was SUPPOSED to go back on friday nite. but due to liangzai's tiredness, i had to get up earli morning ard 6am on saturday to start my journey.. so suffering especially when u're in good nite sleep and some1 disturbed u to wake up rite? apa bulek buat? bukan org local memang macam ini lar.. hehe.. woke up at 615am and prepared myself. luckily i packed everything on friday nite.. so wont be so rushy on sat morning.. reached Muar ard 930am and waited for my sis to b back from sg so we can fetch her up then straight headed to breakfast. nuthin much for breakfast.. as usual stuff wic my mum loves tat place so much for their mixed pork stuff soup + yam rice. hehe :D

we went to jonker road on sunday. regretted!! crowded wif ppl. well, nuthin much to roam ard there oso lar.. jus went there for their famous cendol. well, at first we planned to hv our nice dinner at a restaurant wic is located almost end of the jonker road (jus next to BIBI sth sth) but after sometime of waiting, we cancelled our orders. cos the boss jus simply forgotten our order. OMG!! can u jus imagine? we'd waited for almost 1 hr then onli realised tat the boss forgotten abt us. damn kns. and sorry to the boss.. i wont go there for the 2nd time d.. then we headed for asam laksa. honestly speaking, the asam laksa doesnt taste as nice as those selling in penang one. but wat to do?? oledi macam hungry ghost.. so got food jus swallow lar.. haha.. rite? i got myself muar-chi too. nice nice.. my mum ordered cendol for us.. well, doesnt taste as nice as wat i tot lar.. mayb i dun reali like the thick santan taste. cos my tummy kenot tahan.. wahahha...

after our dinner, we walked along the stalls and shops ard jonker road. i bought my sis a bag as she alwis wanting to get herself one but cant find a nice one.. so lucky tat she saw one in jonker road. phew~~ not so expensive.. RM23 onli lar.. then i bought myself a nice pair of shoes. well, it's made from cloth. yea.. i kno. everyone's telling me it's not going to tahan long. but quite nice ler.. damn cute summore. if i'm free tonite i wil post the pics for u guys to hv a look at it. :D.. not cheap.. RM35.. but ladies shoes cost ard tat price..

BAD news!! after our nice trip from malacca, liangzai was sick. :S he vomitted twice during the midnite and had diarrhea. aiyo.. macam food poisoning punya symptoms. wahaha.. I was rite. brought him to see doc yest. first doc in muar given him some medicine but doesnt seems like working. so brought him to see another doc again in puchong. still macam not working but he had a sleep. better than nuthin. wahha.. today he's getting better. phew~~ hopefully lar.. tonite dun bising beside me tellign me he's headache again!! if not, i wil jus gip him a nice knock to faint him on the bed. good idea? hehe :P jahat punya isteri ni... tak pe lar.. dia suka, enuff!! :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday... Happy Birthday.. AGAIN?!?

paisei. today is my birthday again. for lunar calendar ya. i din kno it until Irish told me abt it. THX, Irish! but in fact, she told me jus bcos she want me to remember her birthday as well. wahahha :P. yea.. today is her birthday. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, IRISH. present ar?? tak de lar.. i'm veli poor now. hai~~ hehe.. yes.. her birthday falls jus one day later than mine. in fact, we're onli 12 hours gap of different 'come-out-from-mummy's-tummy' time. wahahha... every yr we're doing the same thing. she wished me first then i hv to wish her the next day. quite fun!! but wait! i forgotten to wish my same-birthday fren, Nix. nvm lar.. long time din contact him liao.. jus onli recall abt him. wahaha :P come no one wanna get me a set of LEGO?? hmm.. er.. since u guys dowan to get me LEGO set, then i wan EOS 450D.. hehe... i'm waiting teoh-san to gip me his baby. or inbox to pass her baby to me.. wahaha.. ok ok.. i kno.. hv to stop dreaming, kan?? tapi kenot lar.. earli morning oledi wanna dream a bit.. cos going to start my job soon. now hving my sweet time to hv breakfast.

bsically, i dun hv any romantic dinner ok. u guys gotta believe me. i dun lie. :P reali tak de. onli spent my nite @ mcd and the food reali disappoint me. arghh.. ok lar.. forget abt it!!

hey.. gotta work now lar.. jus update me when u guys got anything special ar..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration..

hmm.. honestly speaking, i din celebrate much this yr.. ok?? dun ask me again for the venue i went to ya.. i'm telling u rite now.. wahha.. i went to ** (singing) pa la pa pa pa... I'm Loving it **. hehe.. sudah tau kan?? aiya.. bday onli ma.. nuthin special oso lar. but earli morning, i called my mum.. dunno y.. jus miss her veli much..

then start to blog and telling everyone i kno tat today's is my birthday. i wanna tell my head oso but paisei lar.. haha.. so tat today he can spare me from the torture he planned to but then i din tel him oso.. today kena torture too. work OT until 7pm. aiks.. kns server.. damn slow.. again, my stupid KATAK hang for a few times d...

today actuali quite busy wif the reports lor. nuthin much oso lar.. jus tat bcos it's my birthday so the time flies faster it seems.. hehe.. or mayb i'm too concentrate on getting my job done. tat's y din reali check the time. plus we can chatted thru email. apalar.. outdated betul but at least there's sth.. better than nuthin rite?

hmm.. lunch time.. cyndi sang bday song to me.. so touching.. every one wishes me happi birthday.. so happy.. oh.. there's another leng jai, Ben wished me too.. tak berapa kenal dia lar.. saje tau dia same department dgn i dan kita pigi orientasi together oso.. wahhaha.. er.. veli out-spoken chap. staying in SS2. siape mau jantan? carilar dia.. tapi.. i tak tau dia tu available ke tak ler.. wait til i got the chance to investigate further more ya.. but the investigation job hv to pass to staley.. or else she got nuthin to do. so better dun steal ppl's job. wahhaha.. tunggu berita lar.. :P

tea time.. i was planning to hv a nice coffee break today but then everything got screwed up due to the report lar.. hai hai!! but i made myself a hot tea cos coffee mate sudah habis.. so no coffee for me.. i was so concentrating at my job until Stocking ** aiks.. sorry.. her name is Suk Sing (praying hard she dun read this) ** scared me up wif a nice apple pie to replace bday cake. aiyer.. i'm reali veli gam dong ler.. soo touching!!! cos i din expect this to happen. i told my 38 gang not to get me a cake cos each of them likes chocolate and i cant take it ma.. luckily she got me a pie instead of a cake cos she was planning to get a choc cake for me. luckily tak de... mayb we got sth link together tat's y she can sense i dun take choco ** oi, liangmui.. jgn mimpi lar.. org tak beli chocolate cake sebab mahal.. not can sense u cant take choc.. :P ** wahahah.. mimpi kenot meh...

hai~~ she oso quite kelian.. cos we car pool together ma. then if i kena OT, she hv to wait for me oso.. so kelian ler.. i oso paisei to make her wait for me so long. luckily she's quite understanding lor.. muaks!!

nite time went to mcd lor. i ordered spicy fish mcdeluxe. er.. honestly telling u guys ar.. DISAPPOINTED.. taste sucks.. the cheese taste covered the fish smell. so the whole bun is like cheese bun. yucks!! hai~~ nvm lar.. luckily i oledi had steamboat session last 2 weeks wif my 38 gang d. hehe..

hai~~ so tired now.. so sleepy.. wanna sleep liao lar.. :P thx to each n everyone tat wishes me a great great birthday wish ya.. oh.. suk sing forget to sing bday song to me.. nvm.. claim from her tomolo.. wahaha :P

Wednesday... Happy Birthday

wei.. my birthday. faster wish me happy birthday. wish me leng lui forever. wish me healthy forever and oso wish me wealthy forever ya.. wahaha.. but i stil wan my LEGO for present!! can pass to my anak, cucu and cicit lar :P.. see.. such a memorable present rite?

jus reached office oledi started to blog. who cares! haha.. jus wanna make myself to look busy although there are already some assignments assigned to me yest ard 530pm. aiks.. my head.. alwis last minute job lar.. wat to do. he oso ke lian. and he hired me to assist him rite?

checked my mails. a whole bunch of birthday wishes. including co. mail pun. wahhha.. from HR & IT Division. so pro lar...

hmm.. nuthin much to blog oso lar.. cos stil earli ma.. jus wanna say thanks to Eiko, Wilson, Irish, Suk Sing, Kah Yen, Cyndi, Steve, Dolly & the most important one Liangzai lar.. hehe.. at least u guys stil remember my birthday. ooppss.. and those tat i'd forgotten to list out ur names or haven list out ur names.. THANKS!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday.. Getting Greener

bah~~ sekelip mata saje today oledi tuesday. wahhaha..seems like days are getting easier to pass thru? haha.. jus joking. stil suffering here. doesnt comes to an end. so boring again.

hmm.. i'm so smart. i get my assignment done in 1 day instead of 3. my head reali look high up on me lar.. giving me 3 days duration to complete one simple task. haha.. now curi ayam blogging. luckily can blog. or else i wil be bored to death. no chatting no gaming.. aiyo.. out of sudden i miss CK Wong and Janice and all my ex-collix plus frens .. no one 38 wif me here. everything liase thru email. damn sien.

today i brought my own cup here and not forgetting my ipod. good good. hopefully not as boring as i tot. anyone got the complete version for the new TVB series, The Four??? send to me pls pls pls.. kenot download lar..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday... Reali Blue

First day at work. monday blues.. so boring. damn boring. very boring extremely boring. omg!! pls help me out.

basically, first day at work is macam honey moon lar. boss dunno how's ur capability. so he wont gip kerja yang susah susah for u to do. me too. haha. relaxing and now i got the time to blog summore. thx god tat i can blog. i cant chat now. damn boring. all the chatting programs are prohibited! reason => takut information leakage and the main reason is.. takut VIRUS. aiks.. they said wasting resources to clear the virus/ maintain the pc to VIRUS-FREE wor. hehe...

my head briefed some of my job scope. sounds easy but yet it's quite hard to b done cos i totally got no experience in KATAK => haha.. TOAD lar.. dunno wat's tat oso. plus currently will be using Oracle Server. aiyo.. mana lar i tau macam mana nak buat kan? tapi tak pe lar.. tak tau then belajar lor.. this is wat we're born to do in the earth rite? hehe..

ok lar.. gotta go and get my things done d.. but i'm sleepy. pls help lar.. reply reply and response response sikit lar.. :P

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visit 2 Skin Specialist - Stage 2

Hai- i'm in da clinic now waiting 4 my turn 2 see dr ranjit. But then i'd made the wrong decision 4 not making an appointment at the first place. Regretted!

I came in ard 9.20am and had 2 wait 4 an hour 2 reach my turn. Siao. Thx god tat liangzai got his E71 now. Yuppie- can blog at anytime at anywhere. I oso mau E71. Hehe...

So boring now.lotsa ppl Here. Most r ladies.. See.. Tat's y ladies' money r quite easy 2 cari untung. Haha.. Aiyo.. Using E71 2 blog reali a bit miserable. The keys r small. My fingers r quite big. Keep on typing the wrong letter. So pls forgive me 4 the typo errors ya. At least there's sth 4 me 2 do.

Hmmm... tot can make appointment tis earli morning but the nurse advised 2 walk in. So hv 2 rush 2 clinic. Eeesshhh! Stil hv 2 wait. Hopefully those made appointment earlier come in late. Haha... ** so bad of liangmui rite? But then who cares? They dun even kno i'm thinking so? Haha...**

Ok lar.. Stop blogging now.screen small, keys small, fingers big. Type oso susah. :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bebas Dari 'Hukuman'

ampun maaf atas post post yang tergendala.. wahhaha.. 'tergendala'??? hmmmm... can b used rite? apasal recently selalu speaking bahasa ni? aikss.. sebab mix terlalu manyak malay ppl lar..

yup yup yup... 3 days passed. i was so happy this morning bcos today is FRIDAY!! hv to b happy rite? i got 1.5 hours lunch time and can go back 30min earlier. y shldnt i be happy? hehehe...

oohh.. ok ok.. simalam lupa nak blog.. tapi jgn blame kat aku ni. i'm innocent. simua pasal liangzai yg balik lewat.. eeshhh... rasa nak ketuk kepalanya..

simalam lagi happening. i pigi tour-ing kat co. i lar.. best nya.. bolek nampak manyak-manyak department. and of cos.. all those happening stuff lar.. do u kno the ppl in broadcasting before we view it on TV hv to work damn susah ar? but they are veli superb lar.. satu kali boleh tengok a few channels together.. syok nya.. alangkah baiknya kalau lah i kerja kat dept itu?? but one thing tat's quite headache lar.. cos they hv to check for the commercial breaks and plug-in local commercial stuff into it.. wahhaha...

lagi happening is tat we were brought to see see look look at the radio station.. ya ya.. the malaysian No.1 chinese radio station, No. 1 english radio station, No. 1 BM radio station and oso No.1 indian radio station.. wahahha.. dah tau i kerja kat mana kan kan kan?? hehe.. tak tau lagi?? tak pe.. buat lar guessing antara sesama diri ya. :P.. phew!! i ni kan. memang jakun lar. nak tengok celebriti macam mawi, siti.. tapi.. tak nampak.. instead guess who i saw? hehehe... i nampak DJ pulak.. mula lah perangai 38 i ni.. wahhah...

at first i saw Phoebe in radio station preparing the stuff for us lar. we're the customers oso rite? hehe... well, she's reali pretty in real person. ..then 2nd DJ, Gan Mei Yan. saw her during lunch time in cafeteria.. omg!! this lady ar.. kalau u keluar wif her, pls lar.. protect her sikit. she's damn skinny lar.. i wonder how she kena torture until so skinny. she was on 'thick ICI' on her face. and i tel u ar.. her hair is no more straight and short. this time she curled her hair.. jus imagine.. damn cute lar... ooohhh.. not forgetting her partner.. ** ei.. not life partner ya ** Jack Lim!! stil plump but then he had lost his weight liao. aiyo.. i'm damn 38 ler.. although can alwis see them thru tat stupid 29 inches speaking box ar, i'm stil damn jakun lar.. hehe.. tengok sampai mata tak kelip.. too bad my cam is not wif me. or else i wil go near them and take pic to prove to u guys d..

wahhaha.. seee.. oopppss.. leak out some of the benefits to u guys d. wahhaha.. yes.. gotta see some celebrities lar.. now tis time, i'm waiting for my SHE to b in msia again then i can see them in person. yahoo!!

today i would like to declare myself that i'm free from the long-boring orientation. well, today not tat bad lar.. hehe.. we got a team-building session this whole day. argghhh, jgn tanya!! i kno wat u're going to ask.. dun ask pls pls pls... ** wat have u learned?? ** aikss.. kan dah cakap jgn tanya?? tak tau bahasa ke??? tak de pe yg belajar kat sana tapi perangai 38 i ni dah keluar lar.. wahhaha.. aiyo.. hide hide manyak susah lar..

we played some games. had my lunch-mates now. yes!! wont b so boring d. we'd got ard 8 ppl to hv lunch together. Suk Sing, Sherry, Joslynn, kah yen, JC, Staley, Cyndi n ME! so happening rite? and guess wat? got 3 of us in the group are Librans.. Including ME!! yahoo!! tat means our bdays are coming.. ok.. i stil insist on my present! I WAN MY LEGO SET :P.. dah tak kisah macam mana org ketawa kat sana.. i stil wan my LEGO ya.. :P ** eh!! sapa kata i tak bulek main LEGO? kalau tak bulek, i simpan kasi i punya junior bulek ar?? **

next monday start working ler.. aiyo.. dunno how's my collix ar? dunno how's my Supervisor going to 'torture' me d.. but wic job tak kena bully one rite? but i wanna b the bully instead of kena bully.. can or not? ok.. now i take turn to bully my Supervisor.. wahahha :P aiyo.. pray hard he wont read this ya.. so u guys jus wish me luck.. pray pray for me too ya :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Day

as wat chinese alwis mentioned.. there's a new beginning in every ending. do u agree? well, i shld say i mus agree wif it. haha...

today is my first day in new company. jus imagine how excited i am to b in new environment and meeting new ppl and challenge new tasks. i reached co. ard 30 minutes earlier and i waited at the car park for 15 mins b4 i get into the co. i was thinking how my HOD will get surprise to see me wif the new hair style. wahahha.. but then i was wrong.

i was attended and brought up to a mini theatre room where an orientation is conducted. at first, i tot it will last for onli one day not until i read thru the agenda tat is provided. after reading it, it surprised me. ok.. not 1 day, not even 2 days.. is 3 days.. jus imagine!! 3 hari ler.. tak tau dia orang mau cakap apa lagi lar... hai hai hai~~ maklumlah.. org malas memang tak suka dengar lecture lecture yang panjang lebar tu... tapi kena tahan lar.. eeesssshhhh!! tahan tahan... wasted my whole day. listening to each and every person who speak. and the worst thing is tat I CANT BLOG AT THE SAME TIME TOO.. aikss....

it started off wif a simple introduction to everybody. and when it came to my turn.. guess wat? pls introduce urself.. name, designation, hobbies, y u wanna join the co.? nak tau apa yang i pandai pandai jawab itu?? ok.. i'm Joan, will b joining IT as a Developer. Hobbies.. err.. i like blogging, online gaming and shopping.. ** aiks, terlupa nak cakap TIDUR-ing pulak *** the reason y i join the company is bcos i wanna like the service but i dowan to pay for it.. wahahha.. pandai pandai kot!! and wat's the results? the whole group laughed and agreed wif me.. wahahha.. akhirnya, i terjadi tumpuan kepada group ini.. bagus bagus..

and not forgetting oso.. i gotta kno some new ppl too... jus like me.. the first person i get to kno is Ms. Gan Siew Poh. well, hv a nice chat wif her during our morning break. a soft-spoken lady. she was the ex-staff of the co. last 2 yrs ago and she quitted the job previously bcos of her baby. and now, she is currently tired of being a housewife tat's y she decided to come back to this co. hmm.. the benefits mus b good lar.. or else who will willingly come back to the same company rite? haha...

the 2nd lady will b Stocking?? Boxing?? er.. bukan bukan.. aiyah.. apalar nama dia??? hmmm.. ermm... orhhhh.. aiks.. maklumlar i dah tua ni.. nama dia tu Suk Sing.. another soft-spoken lady.. ** eh.. normally ppl said if u wanna see wat type of person u r, then check ard ur frens. ur frens will hv similar characteristics like u ** hmm.. does it mean tat i'm soft-spoken too? or is tat i tok loudly tat's y others seems to be soft-spoken too?? but one thing i confirm ar.. they are not as 38 as i am.. wahahha.. :D

well.. i did kno some other new frens ya.. not onli 2.. but u guys kno how limited is my memory rite? i jus cant remember tat 2 malay guys name. ampun maaf ya.. jangan lah marah marah kat situ. nanti cepat tua lar.. well, short sentence to describe them ok? nice, friendly and gentleman!! phew!! the one who sat on my left alwis helped me to pick up my stuff tat jatuh sini sana. and he also helped me to get my seat down so tat i can sit nicely. kalau lar i tak kahwin ni, mungkin i akan jatuh hati kepadanya tetapi.. dia tu tak berapa hensem lar.. so jus forget it and i'd oledi married :P the one on my right alwis telling me some funny funny jokes. we even joked together.. siapa kata org cina tak leh communicate dgn org melayu? pls ask tat barger to eat shit!!

apa lagi mau tau?? hari ini memang tak nampak i punya boss dan i punya collix lar.. tak de masa bagi i untuk lari ard the company. wahaha.. no one bring me ard oso.. tak pe tak pe.. kita tunggu sampai hari Isnin ya. lets check out my condition next week. aiks.. esok kena tahan orientasi lagi.. aikss.. apa lar org org tua nak cakap lagi.. bebaskan lar kita yang muda muda ni :P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last day

today is my last day in this company. i'm a bit busying handling all my stuffs to my other collix. lotsa problem ar... headache headache...

hmm.. yest my team lead brought us to hv a nice lunch in puchong. farewell lor.. hai~~ kinda miss them so much now.

i miss andy for his dirty jokes and bright brain.
i miss teoh for his seriousness and those 'pirated' dramas.
i miss jer jer for her pale face and soft-spoken voice.
i miss meng for her 'ngam ngam cham cham' style but yet she's so funny.
i miss sifu for his cuteness and chubby-ness.
i miss jacky for his information clarity and he alwis bring me one big round jus to explain one simple thing.
i miss hong hong for his honesty cos he commented i look like auntie for my new hairstyle and it makes me hurt so much.

haha... seee.. my collix.. all the 38 38 one but they are the nicest team i'd ever work together wif.

tomolo will b in new company. i'm kinda nervous. not sure how's the environment there.. not sure how's the collix over there. not sure how's the job over there... :S
a bit scary oso.. how ar??

wat can i do? jus relax and b myself rite? hehe.. do watever i can and the most important one.. dun worry be happy :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Job Camp Recruitment with Free Training‏

ok.. i'm just helping Irish out for advertising this ya. :) good opportunity for those Unemployed IT graduates. anyone interested for FREE training??

well, this free training is fully sponsored by MDEC. u can try to check it out at this website => u can email any inquiries to Irish @

click the below to enlarge and clearer info :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adios To U

u guys kno i had a long hair rite up to my back rite? wavy and curly long hair. wif a lil of color and highlight. well, it look nice earli of the year. cos i had treatment on it but now it had become to look like a mop instead. many of my frens had advised me to cut it short. even liangzai oso agree to cut it short. but i gave them 1 simple excuse. 'aiks.. if cut short, later not enuff time to grow it back for my wedding pics how? i dowan to wear a wig for my wedding pics!' hehehe... but i dunno when i am going to get the wedding pics done. :P

finally, today the special day, i'd made the veli critical decision!! liangzai agreed. janice oso mentioned i look nicer wif it. i even called my mum to triple confirm tat they are correct and guess wat? my mum agreed! so wat else shld i consider of??

before the stylist cut my hair, he double, triple, quadriple confirmed wif me!! yes yes yes.. jus cut it short ok?? KACIAK!!! turn short wif less than a second. aiksss.. heart pain.. after a few cuts, i feel like i'm relieved. wahahhaa.... ya.. i'm the 38 gal that loves short hair veli veli much. if wouldnt bcos of the wedding pics, i wont let my hair grow until after shoulder length. but then i start missing my hair now.. wahahha.. that long wavy curly messy untidy broom/mop-look-alike brown hair.

but then the stylist din even cut the pattern i wan. instead he was cutting it until under-ear length. aiks, regretted to let him hv a try on my head. but luckily it stil looks nice after coloring and highlighting it. gues wat color i got myself on my hair? hehehe... RED BRONZE!! ** wah liangmui.. u damn IN lar.. ** and not forgetting purple for highlight ** or i shld say it's low light instead. cos the color is not so sharp **

ok lar.. cut the crap. let u see my new hair style

Front & Back

Right & Left

aisk.. pls forgive me for tat blurry pics ar.. cos my hands are shaky during the pics were taken :P

so nice or not?? er.. ok lar rite? but this time i think i hv to take more time to manage it liao.. before it look like chicken back side... hai~~

Friday, October 10, 2008

Alone In Department

today is quite boring ar... i'm alone in my department wif andy gor gor.. er.. not alone rite? at least i got a fren beside me when i feel i wanna tok to. wahhah.. but then he was busy so he dowan to choi me... and now, he went back dumping me alone.

er.. how come today so peaceful rite? ok.. my company organizing trip to GEM ISLAND. where is it ar? dun ask me ar.. i failed my geography. somewhere at Marang?? er.. ok.. i found a website tat best describe GEM ISLAND.

y i din join rite? well, i resigned d ma. so all these benefits are not applicable to me d. :(. nvm nvm. new co. sure better one rite?

hmm.. i browse thru the website and this place seems to be good. i wanna go oso.. ya ya.. long time din go out wif my bunch of 38 frens d. wei wei.. anyone wanna go to GEM Island?? macam ada promotion lar.. :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free HandBag!!

as usual, i normally will browse thru some of the blogs wic i like or those connected to my frens. :) but today, i spotted something attractive in Jacklyn's one. yea.. this website is giving out 24 handbags within 24 hours. can u believe it?

well, besides shoes/ heels or clothes, handbags have become the fashion for gals, rite? er.. sometimes guys do fancy over bags too. :) so y not gip urself a try? dun miss out any golden opportunity. mayb u're the lucky one to get the FREE HANDBAG!

see wat i'd chosen for myself.. :P

** (drums rolling) ** TA DA!!!

Nice or not?? hehe :) so drop by at there are lotsa nice nice handbags for u to win :)

Mamma Mia!!

**** (singing) Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much Ive missed you ****

does this sounds familiar to u? hehehe.. yes!! Mamma Mia from ABBA. :)

I alwis love Musical movies. stil remember Moulin Rouge? Dream Girls? and the next coming High School Musical 3?? hehehe.. yup yup yup!! those musical movies. i dunno wat made liangzai change his mind to watch this movie cos he nv like musical. haha.. but nvm lar.. he enjoyed the movie too. well, of cos, i'm 100% enjoyed it. i summore sing along in the cinema. so paisei. but who cares.. hehe :P liangmui's style memang like tat lar :D

ok.. back to the movie ya..

Mamma Mia.. a movie which featuring the songs of ABBA, and based on the world's number one musical comedy which has people dancing in the aisles every night, this movie is sure to be the hit of Summer 2008! wif the geng casts of Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski and Dominic Cooper, This movie reali ROCKS!! makes sure u dance ard in the cinema too ya.. hehe :D

**** (singing) You can dance, You can jive, having the times of ur life...
See that girl, Watch the scene, Dig in the dancing queen ****

the story begins wif a 20 year old Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is preparing to marry her boyfriend Sky (Dominic Cooper) at her mother(Meryl Streep)'s hotel on an island in Greece. She seemingly has it all -- a carefree life, a loving fiance, and happy friends -- but one thing has been missing all her life: a father.

Her only wish now is to be given away by her dad at her wedding. By reading her mother's diary she discovers that she has three possible fathers. Sophie then secretly invites all three men to the wedding in a desperate bid to discover which of them is her father before the wedding bells start to chime!

But not all goes according to plan: old loves are re-kindled, new loves are formed, and Sophie risks everything to discover the true identity of her father.

the rest of it?? hehe.. go and watch it urself lar.. reali funny. hai~~ money alwis not enuff bcos i'm not rich.. eesshhhh..
**** (singing) Money, Money, Money.. It's so funny In a rich man's world... Money, Money, Money.. Always shiny In a rich man's world... ****

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Inside My Bag?

Aiks.. i knew it. sure kena me one. cos Inbox jer jer veli sayang and miss me now. wahahha.. but then y so curious ar?? curiousity kills the cat wor. i dun think u're one of the CATS rite?? hmmmm... nvm lar.. since u so so sayang me, so i do lor...


1. Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.

2.Dump the contents of my handbag in a pile.

3.Take a photo of my handbag and the contents.

4.Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.

5.Answer questions.

6.Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.

Ok.. here comes my answers..

Step 1 & Step 2:
Phew~~I jus realised tat i cant find a quiet place in my home!! even in my room oso veli bising lar.. how come? cos tat stupid liangzai is watching Supreme Trio. nvm lar.. i stil can manage to get this tag done!

Step 3:
My Bag and the rubbish inside.

Step 4:
ok.. Rubbish in my bag.. hv to describe it one by one pulak..
1) Digi Cam => in the pic, u can onli see the pouch cos i'm using it to snap the pic..

2) Handphone and Pouch => must hv ar.. or else how to SMS my frens wor??

3) Tissue => this reali surprises me cos i seldom hv tissue in my handbag..

4) Hair Vitamin => I got this sample during my shopping spree last 2 weekends..

5) Bracelet => My sis's present! jus bought it. Tiffany ler.. :P

6) Blood Donation Booklet => got 3 books. liangzai, my bro and mine. ya.. the guys.. alwis lazy to keep their stuff

7) Clinic card => my skin specialist's clinic card. hehe :D

8) Salmon Omega Capsules => not mine. this one is my cousin's. cos i'm veli forgetful so i better bring it out together wif me lor..

Step 5: Answer questions

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
~ eh.. liangmui dun hv a purse lar... :P ya.. i put everything in my hp pouch. IC, license & cash. the most important stuff rite?

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
~ er.. got meh??? wat is it ar??

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?
~ Hair Vitamin cos it's in capsule form

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
~ normally i wil try to keep illegal dvd/vcd one. but luckily today dun hv.. wahhaha :P

Step 6:
ok.. i'm not the CAT but then i'm stil curious. to who ar?? er er er... cincai lar.. u suka then u do it lor.. no force force one.. wahhah :P

ok Inbox, i'd done my homework.. org cuti pun tak bagi chance untuk rehat.. summore hv to do the tag!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How To Use Credit Cards With Lesser Burden?

ok.. today, liangmui is going to share this topic to all of u out there.. wah.. i sounded like a professional in financial rite? no lar.. i just read this article in Sinchew Jit Poh wic is dated on 31 Aug 2008. it's quite meaningful so i decided to translate it to english. but pls bear wif my english ya. dun correct my grammar :P


Derived from Sinchew Jit Poh, 31 Aug 2008


Today, in the current difficult economic status, the level of dependancy towards credit cards among the humans are growing drastically. But, at this period, we have to be extra careful when we're using credit cards.

How can we lessen the usage of credit cards and not increasing our financial burdens? Below listed are some small suggestions for u guys to refer to..

1) Treat Credit cards as Cheques.
If u plan to swipe ur credit cards for ur shopping, y not listed down the price of the stuffs or at least get rid of this expenses out from ur mind? Unless the stuffs are very important - eg. u need to repair ur fridge/ u need to get a new fridge, or else y not just save this money as part of ur extra savings in ur account.

President of Credit Union National Association wic is stationed in Washington mentioned the main key of swiping credit cards is that everytime we hv to deduct the bill as part of our expenses monthly. Thru this way, you can onli enjoy the convenience provided by credit card loans, mayb a free travelling ticket or rebate or etc.

2) Shop With Proper Goals
When u're out to shopping, make sure u hv a list of products that u reali need it on hand wic this is included those brands that u can afford. Prevent buying those wic is not in ur list.

3) Make the Astute Choice
Consumer Finance Pedagogical Academy suggested "Expense with Choice" method. Before u buy a product, just imagine tat the price of that particular product can purchase 3 other products, wic one wil u choose?

4) Use Debit Cards
Currently, some of the banks already provided Counter-cheat protective measures to debit cards wic is quite similar to credit cards. If the debit cards u're using have this, y not switch to debit cards instead of swiping credit cards?

5) Stop and Think
Sometimes, we might be extremely busy. so we wont be able to realise our usage on credit cards. this indirectly affected our own savings and financial flow.

6) Dont make any false promises
Never ever tel urself tat u wil pay off the bill next month when u're using credit card now. Remember 'Tomolo Never Comes'.

7) Seek for Consultation and Advice
If u cant figure out ur financial problem, pls seek consultation and advices from professionals. Search for a financial professional firm/ company, let them find the best solutions to help u out but dun ever search those companies wic u do not kno abt their company background. this will affect ur financial planning.

8) Ignore Those Credit Cards Promotions/ Advertisements
You can request the organisations to remove ur names from their promotion list. Thru this way, u wil not be able to receive any latest promotions from the advertising organisations. If u stil receive the mails from them, just throw them into dustbin. Dun ever try to open the mails and read it.


the above is based on the direct translation of liangmui. haha.. aiyo.. u guys kno how good my mandarin and english is rite? so pls dun complain abt my grammar ya!

btw, how's this article? i was once a credit card slave. i personally practising some of the steps above and i think this is a good article to share out. i kno some of u might kno abt this already. just treat this as a revision ya.

** wah seh... liang mui macam financial pro lar ** haha.. no lar.. just tat we all should kno how to plan our finance properly. if u mess wif ur own finance, u just MESS urself wif everything. TRUST ME!!