Friday, October 10, 2008

Alone In Department

today is quite boring ar... i'm alone in my department wif andy gor gor.. er.. not alone rite? at least i got a fren beside me when i feel i wanna tok to. wahhah.. but then he was busy so he dowan to choi me... and now, he went back dumping me alone.

er.. how come today so peaceful rite? ok.. my company organizing trip to GEM ISLAND. where is it ar? dun ask me ar.. i failed my geography. somewhere at Marang?? er.. ok.. i found a website tat best describe GEM ISLAND.

y i din join rite? well, i resigned d ma. so all these benefits are not applicable to me d. :(. nvm nvm. new co. sure better one rite?

hmm.. i browse thru the website and this place seems to be good. i wanna go oso.. ya ya.. long time din go out wif my bunch of 38 frens d. wei wei.. anyone wanna go to GEM Island?? macam ada promotion lar.. :D


  1. dont be sad la!
    eh, can share the pics ah after they come back from gem island? hehehehe...

  2. can share if they share it out to me too. :D not sure whether my collix brought his baby 450D there or not..