Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adios To U

u guys kno i had a long hair rite up to my back rite? wavy and curly long hair. wif a lil of color and highlight. well, it look nice earli of the year. cos i had treatment on it but now it had become to look like a mop instead. many of my frens had advised me to cut it short. even liangzai oso agree to cut it short. but i gave them 1 simple excuse. 'aiks.. if cut short, later not enuff time to grow it back for my wedding pics how? i dowan to wear a wig for my wedding pics!' hehehe... but i dunno when i am going to get the wedding pics done. :P

finally, today the special day, i'd made the veli critical decision!! liangzai agreed. janice oso mentioned i look nicer wif it. i even called my mum to triple confirm tat they are correct and guess wat? my mum agreed! so wat else shld i consider of??

before the stylist cut my hair, he double, triple, quadriple confirmed wif me!! yes yes yes.. jus cut it short ok?? KACIAK!!! turn short wif less than a second. aiksss.. heart pain.. after a few cuts, i feel like i'm relieved. wahahhaa.... ya.. i'm the 38 gal that loves short hair veli veli much. if wouldnt bcos of the wedding pics, i wont let my hair grow until after shoulder length. but then i start missing my hair now.. wahahha.. that long wavy curly messy untidy broom/mop-look-alike brown hair.

but then the stylist din even cut the pattern i wan. instead he was cutting it until under-ear length. aiks, regretted to let him hv a try on my head. but luckily it stil looks nice after coloring and highlighting it. gues wat color i got myself on my hair? hehehe... RED BRONZE!! ** wah liangmui.. u damn IN lar.. ** and not forgetting purple for highlight ** or i shld say it's low light instead. cos the color is not so sharp **

ok lar.. cut the crap. let u see my new hair style

Front & Back

Right & Left

aisk.. pls forgive me for tat blurry pics ar.. cos my hands are shaky during the pics were taken :P

so nice or not?? er.. ok lar rite? but this time i think i hv to take more time to manage it liao.. before it look like chicken back side... hai~~


  1. short hair gotta maintain it all the time wor...

    but then you can have an 'IN' wedding pic with short hair too. :)

  2. NKB
    i dun mind to maintain it as long as it's short. haha.. i alwis love short hair veli much. :D

    ya lor.. i agree wif u. can hv IN wedding pic wif short hair too. but i'm jus wondering whether the wig wil make it look like veli 'fake' :D

  3. Looks nice. Tidy and In. Like you, I like short hair very much cuz it make me look younger. :P
    Short hair is very easy to maintain. Need to get it trim at lease once in 2 months. The wax wax and gel gel a bit every morning, kao tim.

  4. yea lor.. dun ask me to wake up earli morning.. blow it dry lar.. or hv to stay awake jus to make sure it's completely dry.. hai~~ so mah fan wif long hair

  5. yah short hair is hard mainteance! even harder than long hair..i cant wait for my hair to grow long..but u look nice wif de new style ;)

  6. guess wat? i jus love u guys so much. at least u guys r convincing me tat my new hair style not bad. not like my fren. damn kns.. spoiling my mood

  7. ben, short hair easy to maintain wor.. :) mayb i'm used to short hair.