Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Day

as wat chinese alwis mentioned.. there's a new beginning in every ending. do u agree? well, i shld say i mus agree wif it. haha...

today is my first day in new company. jus imagine how excited i am to b in new environment and meeting new ppl and challenge new tasks. i reached co. ard 30 minutes earlier and i waited at the car park for 15 mins b4 i get into the co. i was thinking how my HOD will get surprise to see me wif the new hair style. wahahha.. but then i was wrong.

i was attended and brought up to a mini theatre room where an orientation is conducted. at first, i tot it will last for onli one day not until i read thru the agenda tat is provided. after reading it, it surprised me. ok.. not 1 day, not even 2 days.. is 3 days.. jus imagine!! 3 hari ler.. tak tau dia orang mau cakap apa lagi lar... hai hai hai~~ maklumlah.. org malas memang tak suka dengar lecture lecture yang panjang lebar tu... tapi kena tahan lar.. eeesssshhhh!! tahan tahan... wasted my whole day. listening to each and every person who speak. and the worst thing is tat I CANT BLOG AT THE SAME TIME TOO.. aikss....

it started off wif a simple introduction to everybody. and when it came to my turn.. guess wat? pls introduce urself.. name, designation, hobbies, y u wanna join the co.? nak tau apa yang i pandai pandai jawab itu?? ok.. i'm Joan, will b joining IT as a Developer. Hobbies.. err.. i like blogging, online gaming and shopping.. ** aiks, terlupa nak cakap TIDUR-ing pulak *** the reason y i join the company is bcos i wanna like the service but i dowan to pay for it.. wahahha.. pandai pandai kot!! and wat's the results? the whole group laughed and agreed wif me.. wahahha.. akhirnya, i terjadi tumpuan kepada group ini.. bagus bagus..

and not forgetting oso.. i gotta kno some new ppl too... jus like me.. the first person i get to kno is Ms. Gan Siew Poh. well, hv a nice chat wif her during our morning break. a soft-spoken lady. she was the ex-staff of the co. last 2 yrs ago and she quitted the job previously bcos of her baby. and now, she is currently tired of being a housewife tat's y she decided to come back to this co. hmm.. the benefits mus b good lar.. or else who will willingly come back to the same company rite? haha...

the 2nd lady will b Stocking?? Boxing?? er.. bukan bukan.. aiyah.. apalar nama dia??? hmmm.. ermm... orhhhh.. aiks.. maklumlar i dah tua ni.. nama dia tu Suk Sing.. another soft-spoken lady.. ** eh.. normally ppl said if u wanna see wat type of person u r, then check ard ur frens. ur frens will hv similar characteristics like u ** hmm.. does it mean tat i'm soft-spoken too? or is tat i tok loudly tat's y others seems to be soft-spoken too?? but one thing i confirm ar.. they are not as 38 as i am.. wahahha.. :D

well.. i did kno some other new frens ya.. not onli 2.. but u guys kno how limited is my memory rite? i jus cant remember tat 2 malay guys name. ampun maaf ya.. jangan lah marah marah kat situ. nanti cepat tua lar.. well, short sentence to describe them ok? nice, friendly and gentleman!! phew!! the one who sat on my left alwis helped me to pick up my stuff tat jatuh sini sana. and he also helped me to get my seat down so tat i can sit nicely. kalau lar i tak kahwin ni, mungkin i akan jatuh hati kepadanya tetapi.. dia tu tak berapa hensem lar.. so jus forget it and i'd oledi married :P the one on my right alwis telling me some funny funny jokes. we even joked together.. siapa kata org cina tak leh communicate dgn org melayu? pls ask tat barger to eat shit!!

apa lagi mau tau?? hari ini memang tak nampak i punya boss dan i punya collix lar.. tak de masa bagi i untuk lari ard the company. wahaha.. no one bring me ard oso.. tak pe tak pe.. kita tunggu sampai hari Isnin ya. lets check out my condition next week. aiks.. esok kena tahan orientasi lagi.. aikss.. apa lar org org tua nak cakap lagi.. bebaskan lar kita yang muda muda ni :P


  1. Hey, you should feel grateful cuz only big company will arrange 3-days orientation for new hire.
    I like this kind of 3-days orientation le...cuz no need to work ma, somemore can make friends with the other new staff first ma.

  2. affinity for footballOctober 17, 2008 at 10:12 AM

    Wah blog in BM liao ah?

    U soft spoken *cough* *cough*

    Good luck in your new job liang mui

  3. today gotta be 3rd of orientation liao!!! yeh!!!!

  4. so hari ini ialah hari terakhir orientasi? macam mana? good?