Saturday, October 4, 2008

How To Use Credit Cards With Lesser Burden?

ok.. today, liangmui is going to share this topic to all of u out there.. wah.. i sounded like a professional in financial rite? no lar.. i just read this article in Sinchew Jit Poh wic is dated on 31 Aug 2008. it's quite meaningful so i decided to translate it to english. but pls bear wif my english ya. dun correct my grammar :P


Derived from Sinchew Jit Poh, 31 Aug 2008


Today, in the current difficult economic status, the level of dependancy towards credit cards among the humans are growing drastically. But, at this period, we have to be extra careful when we're using credit cards.

How can we lessen the usage of credit cards and not increasing our financial burdens? Below listed are some small suggestions for u guys to refer to..

1) Treat Credit cards as Cheques.
If u plan to swipe ur credit cards for ur shopping, y not listed down the price of the stuffs or at least get rid of this expenses out from ur mind? Unless the stuffs are very important - eg. u need to repair ur fridge/ u need to get a new fridge, or else y not just save this money as part of ur extra savings in ur account.

President of Credit Union National Association wic is stationed in Washington mentioned the main key of swiping credit cards is that everytime we hv to deduct the bill as part of our expenses monthly. Thru this way, you can onli enjoy the convenience provided by credit card loans, mayb a free travelling ticket or rebate or etc.

2) Shop With Proper Goals
When u're out to shopping, make sure u hv a list of products that u reali need it on hand wic this is included those brands that u can afford. Prevent buying those wic is not in ur list.

3) Make the Astute Choice
Consumer Finance Pedagogical Academy suggested "Expense with Choice" method. Before u buy a product, just imagine tat the price of that particular product can purchase 3 other products, wic one wil u choose?

4) Use Debit Cards
Currently, some of the banks already provided Counter-cheat protective measures to debit cards wic is quite similar to credit cards. If the debit cards u're using have this, y not switch to debit cards instead of swiping credit cards?

5) Stop and Think
Sometimes, we might be extremely busy. so we wont be able to realise our usage on credit cards. this indirectly affected our own savings and financial flow.

6) Dont make any false promises
Never ever tel urself tat u wil pay off the bill next month when u're using credit card now. Remember 'Tomolo Never Comes'.

7) Seek for Consultation and Advice
If u cant figure out ur financial problem, pls seek consultation and advices from professionals. Search for a financial professional firm/ company, let them find the best solutions to help u out but dun ever search those companies wic u do not kno abt their company background. this will affect ur financial planning.

8) Ignore Those Credit Cards Promotions/ Advertisements
You can request the organisations to remove ur names from their promotion list. Thru this way, u wil not be able to receive any latest promotions from the advertising organisations. If u stil receive the mails from them, just throw them into dustbin. Dun ever try to open the mails and read it.


the above is based on the direct translation of liangmui. haha.. aiyo.. u guys kno how good my mandarin and english is rite? so pls dun complain abt my grammar ya!

btw, how's this article? i was once a credit card slave. i personally practising some of the steps above and i think this is a good article to share out. i kno some of u might kno abt this already. just treat this as a revision ya.

** wah seh... liang mui macam financial pro lar ** haha.. no lar.. just tat we all should kno how to plan our finance properly. if u mess wif ur own finance, u just MESS urself wif everything. TRUST ME!!


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  4. This indeed an educational post...but how useful is it will depend on how are we applying these on ourselves... seem abit hard to apply.. :p

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