Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday... Happy Birthday

wei.. my birthday. faster wish me happy birthday. wish me leng lui forever. wish me healthy forever and oso wish me wealthy forever ya.. wahaha.. but i stil wan my LEGO for present!! can pass to my anak, cucu and cicit lar :P.. see.. such a memorable present rite?

jus reached office oledi started to blog. who cares! haha.. jus wanna make myself to look busy although there are already some assignments assigned to me yest ard 530pm. aiks.. my head.. alwis last minute job lar.. wat to do. he oso ke lian. and he hired me to assist him rite?

checked my mails. a whole bunch of birthday wishes. including co. mail pun. wahhha.. from HR & IT Division. so pro lar...

hmm.. nuthin much to blog oso lar.. cos stil earli ma.. jus wanna say thanks to Eiko, Wilson, Irish, Suk Sing, Kah Yen, Cyndi, Steve, Dolly & the most important one Liangzai lar.. hehe.. at least u guys stil remember my birthday. ooppss.. and those tat i'd forgotten to list out ur names or haven list out ur names.. THANKS!!



  1. walaowei, where got ask ppl to greet u one..lagi blog abt it..

  2. Happy birthday leng lui, wish all your dreams to come true soon!

  3. irish,
    kenot meh. some1 hv to b the pioneer to do sth new rite? so i'm the first one who ask ppl to wish me happi bithday.. :P

    terima kasih manyak-manyak!!

  4. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to Liang Mui
    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  5. borneo, Thanks a lot!

    nkb, thx!! so touching ler... how come inbox jer jer din sing song to me geh???

  6. Happy Burfsday!

    Stay healthy, pretty and lovely!

  7. Happy Birthday liang mui!

    Semoga ceria dan bahagia selalu ya? :)

  8. Cuz I'm not a good singer ma...pai seh. If not, later u vomit pulak! Hahahaha...

  9. affinity for footballOctober 24, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    Wahseh no thank me pulak :( how can I give u my old lego set right now?