Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday... Reali Blue

First day at work. monday blues.. so boring. damn boring. very boring extremely boring. omg!! pls help me out.

basically, first day at work is macam honey moon lar. boss dunno how's ur capability. so he wont gip kerja yang susah susah for u to do. me too. haha. relaxing and now i got the time to blog summore. thx god tat i can blog. i cant chat now. damn boring. all the chatting programs are prohibited! reason => takut information leakage and the main reason is.. takut VIRUS. aiks.. they said wasting resources to clear the virus/ maintain the pc to VIRUS-FREE wor. hehe...

my head briefed some of my job scope. sounds easy but yet it's quite hard to b done cos i totally got no experience in KATAK => haha.. TOAD lar.. dunno wat's tat oso. plus currently will be using Oracle Server. aiyo.. mana lar i tau macam mana nak buat kan? tapi tak pe lar.. tak tau then belajar lor.. this is wat we're born to do in the earth rite? hehe..

ok lar.. gotta go and get my things done d.. but i'm sleepy. pls help lar.. reply reply and response response sikit lar.. :P


  1. I'm like you, whole day sitting in front of PC, dunno what to do. Haha...
    I know it's very difficult to past time. I face the same problem now.

  2. Take the time to study your Oracle la. If really mmm tim, can consider training..Hahaha... Wei, you didn't blog on your boss expression when seeing your new hair cut?

  3. irish,
    i din blog cos he din response oso. anyway, he saw it during the first day i'm here. haha.. he stil can recognised me ler..

    training at ur place ar.. reali marketing ppl lar :P.. haha.. so far i stil can cope wif oracle lar.. syntax almost the same. plus now using TOAD services shld b easier lar :P

    u're rite! i was like praying for the time to pass quickly.. haha.. :D

  4. choice..economy bad as my boss claimed. So must faster find in more income. If not, later retrenchment wor...:P