Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday Mood

hi guys.. wishing u guys happy deepavali first ya.. jus came back from home town and now i dun reali feel like wanna work. how ar?? die lar macam ini...

losta things tat i was supposed to get it done on friday. 1st, i was SUPPOSED to post sth rite? but too bad. busy busy until i forgotten. wahaha.. nuthin much to blog oso. but we had surprises from them again. haha.. wat to do. my lunch buddies damn good lar.. cant help to praise them a lot over here. we went to pizza hut for our birthday celebration and guess wat? the other 3 non-librans gave us a surprise. CHEESE CAKE!! thx to joslyn for putting in so much effort to find a non-choc cake. i heard she had to round the whole puchong jus to get a non-choc cake. but then the cheese cake stil got a little bit of choc powder. but nvm.. i stil love it. paisei to those librans ar.. u guys hv to tolerate a bit cos dun hv chocolate cake. reali paisei.. see!! tat's y i jus cant help to praise praise them lar.. hehe..

2nd, i was SUPPOSED to go back on friday nite. but due to liangzai's tiredness, i had to get up earli morning ard 6am on saturday to start my journey.. so suffering especially when u're in good nite sleep and some1 disturbed u to wake up rite? apa bulek buat? bukan org local memang macam ini lar.. hehe.. woke up at 615am and prepared myself. luckily i packed everything on friday nite.. so wont be so rushy on sat morning.. reached Muar ard 930am and waited for my sis to b back from sg so we can fetch her up then straight headed to breakfast. nuthin much for breakfast.. as usual stuff wic my mum loves tat place so much for their mixed pork stuff soup + yam rice. hehe :D

we went to jonker road on sunday. regretted!! crowded wif ppl. well, nuthin much to roam ard there oso lar.. jus went there for their famous cendol. well, at first we planned to hv our nice dinner at a restaurant wic is located almost end of the jonker road (jus next to BIBI sth sth) but after sometime of waiting, we cancelled our orders. cos the boss jus simply forgotten our order. OMG!! can u jus imagine? we'd waited for almost 1 hr then onli realised tat the boss forgotten abt us. damn kns. and sorry to the boss.. i wont go there for the 2nd time d.. then we headed for asam laksa. honestly speaking, the asam laksa doesnt taste as nice as those selling in penang one. but wat to do?? oledi macam hungry ghost.. so got food jus swallow lar.. haha.. rite? i got myself muar-chi too. nice nice.. my mum ordered cendol for us.. well, doesnt taste as nice as wat i tot lar.. mayb i dun reali like the thick santan taste. cos my tummy kenot tahan.. wahahha...

after our dinner, we walked along the stalls and shops ard jonker road. i bought my sis a bag as she alwis wanting to get herself one but cant find a nice one.. so lucky tat she saw one in jonker road. phew~~ not so expensive.. RM23 onli lar.. then i bought myself a nice pair of shoes. well, it's made from cloth. yea.. i kno. everyone's telling me it's not going to tahan long. but quite nice ler.. damn cute summore. if i'm free tonite i wil post the pics for u guys to hv a look at it. :D.. not cheap.. RM35.. but ladies shoes cost ard tat price..

BAD news!! after our nice trip from malacca, liangzai was sick. :S he vomitted twice during the midnite and had diarrhea. aiyo.. macam food poisoning punya symptoms. wahaha.. I was rite. brought him to see doc yest. first doc in muar given him some medicine but doesnt seems like working. so brought him to see another doc again in puchong. still macam not working but he had a sleep. better than nuthin. wahha.. today he's getting better. phew~~ hopefully lar.. tonite dun bising beside me tellign me he's headache again!! if not, i wil jus gip him a nice knock to faint him on the bed. good idea? hehe :P jahat punya isteri ni... tak pe lar.. dia suka, enuff!! :P

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