Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration..

hmm.. honestly speaking, i din celebrate much this yr.. ok?? dun ask me again for the venue i went to ya.. i'm telling u rite now.. wahha.. i went to ** (singing) pa la pa pa pa... I'm Loving it **. hehe.. sudah tau kan?? aiya.. bday onli ma.. nuthin special oso lar. but earli morning, i called my mum.. dunno y.. jus miss her veli much..

then start to blog and telling everyone i kno tat today's is my birthday. i wanna tell my head oso but paisei lar.. haha.. so tat today he can spare me from the torture he planned to but then i din tel him oso.. today kena torture too. work OT until 7pm. aiks.. kns server.. damn slow.. again, my stupid KATAK hang for a few times d...

today actuali quite busy wif the reports lor. nuthin much oso lar.. jus tat bcos it's my birthday so the time flies faster it seems.. hehe.. or mayb i'm too concentrate on getting my job done. tat's y din reali check the time. plus we can chatted thru email. apalar.. outdated betul but at least there's sth.. better than nuthin rite?

hmm.. lunch time.. cyndi sang bday song to me.. so touching.. every one wishes me happi birthday.. so happy.. oh.. there's another leng jai, Ben wished me too.. tak berapa kenal dia lar.. saje tau dia same department dgn i dan kita pigi orientasi together oso.. wahhaha.. er.. veli out-spoken chap. staying in SS2. siape mau jantan? carilar dia.. tapi.. i tak tau dia tu available ke tak ler.. wait til i got the chance to investigate further more ya.. but the investigation job hv to pass to staley.. or else she got nuthin to do. so better dun steal ppl's job. wahhaha.. tunggu berita lar.. :P

tea time.. i was planning to hv a nice coffee break today but then everything got screwed up due to the report lar.. hai hai!! but i made myself a hot tea cos coffee mate sudah habis.. so no coffee for me.. i was so concentrating at my job until Stocking ** aiks.. sorry.. her name is Suk Sing (praying hard she dun read this) ** scared me up wif a nice apple pie to replace bday cake. aiyer.. i'm reali veli gam dong ler.. soo touching!!! cos i din expect this to happen. i told my 38 gang not to get me a cake cos each of them likes chocolate and i cant take it ma.. luckily she got me a pie instead of a cake cos she was planning to get a choc cake for me. luckily tak de... mayb we got sth link together tat's y she can sense i dun take choco ** oi, liangmui.. jgn mimpi lar.. org tak beli chocolate cake sebab mahal.. not can sense u cant take choc.. :P ** wahahah.. mimpi kenot meh...

hai~~ she oso quite kelian.. cos we car pool together ma. then if i kena OT, she hv to wait for me oso.. so kelian ler.. i oso paisei to make her wait for me so long. luckily she's quite understanding lor.. muaks!!

nite time went to mcd lor. i ordered spicy fish mcdeluxe. er.. honestly telling u guys ar.. DISAPPOINTED.. taste sucks.. the cheese taste covered the fish smell. so the whole bun is like cheese bun. yucks!! hai~~ nvm lar.. luckily i oledi had steamboat session last 2 weeks wif my 38 gang d. hehe..

hai~~ so tired now.. so sleepy.. wanna sleep liao lar.. :P thx to each n everyone tat wishes me a great great birthday wish ya.. oh.. suk sing forget to sing bday song to me.. nvm.. claim from her tomolo.. wahaha :P


  1. As long as you are with your loved ones, I guess any food in the world will taste alright =P

  2. peiyun,
    u're rite. but then the bun is reali teruk lar..