Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last day

today is my last day in this company. i'm a bit busying handling all my stuffs to my other collix. lotsa problem ar... headache headache...

hmm.. yest my team lead brought us to hv a nice lunch in puchong. farewell lor.. hai~~ kinda miss them so much now.

i miss andy for his dirty jokes and bright brain.
i miss teoh for his seriousness and those 'pirated' dramas.
i miss jer jer for her pale face and soft-spoken voice.
i miss meng for her 'ngam ngam cham cham' style but yet she's so funny.
i miss sifu for his cuteness and chubby-ness.
i miss jacky for his information clarity and he alwis bring me one big round jus to explain one simple thing.
i miss hong hong for his honesty cos he commented i look like auntie for my new hairstyle and it makes me hurt so much.

haha... seee.. my collix.. all the 38 38 one but they are the nicest team i'd ever work together wif.

tomolo will b in new company. i'm kinda nervous. not sure how's the environment there.. not sure how's the collix over there. not sure how's the job over there... :S
a bit scary oso.. how ar??

wat can i do? jus relax and b myself rite? hehe.. do watever i can and the most important one.. dun worry be happy :)


  1. One thing for sure, won't have so much time for blogging liao.
    Should put inside your "Last day"'s blog ma.

  2. Liangmui,

    All the best for your new job! =D

  3. hi all,
    thx a lot

    i was actuali planning wanna put it in my First Day blog instead.. hahah :P

  4. See, i guess correctly rite, can only blog at nite liao..:P