Friday, October 17, 2008

Bebas Dari 'Hukuman'

ampun maaf atas post post yang tergendala.. wahhaha.. 'tergendala'??? hmmmm... can b used rite? apasal recently selalu speaking bahasa ni? aikss.. sebab mix terlalu manyak malay ppl lar..

yup yup yup... 3 days passed. i was so happy this morning bcos today is FRIDAY!! hv to b happy rite? i got 1.5 hours lunch time and can go back 30min earlier. y shldnt i be happy? hehehe...

oohh.. ok ok.. simalam lupa nak blog.. tapi jgn blame kat aku ni. i'm innocent. simua pasal liangzai yg balik lewat.. eeshhh... rasa nak ketuk kepalanya..

simalam lagi happening. i pigi tour-ing kat co. i lar.. best nya.. bolek nampak manyak-manyak department. and of cos.. all those happening stuff lar.. do u kno the ppl in broadcasting before we view it on TV hv to work damn susah ar? but they are veli superb lar.. satu kali boleh tengok a few channels together.. syok nya.. alangkah baiknya kalau lah i kerja kat dept itu?? but one thing tat's quite headache lar.. cos they hv to check for the commercial breaks and plug-in local commercial stuff into it.. wahhaha...

lagi happening is tat we were brought to see see look look at the radio station.. ya ya.. the malaysian No.1 chinese radio station, No. 1 english radio station, No. 1 BM radio station and oso No.1 indian radio station.. wahahha.. dah tau i kerja kat mana kan kan kan?? hehe.. tak tau lagi?? tak pe.. buat lar guessing antara sesama diri ya. :P.. phew!! i ni kan. memang jakun lar. nak tengok celebriti macam mawi, siti.. tapi.. tak nampak.. instead guess who i saw? hehehe... i nampak DJ pulak.. mula lah perangai 38 i ni.. wahhah...

at first i saw Phoebe in radio station preparing the stuff for us lar. we're the customers oso rite? hehe... well, she's reali pretty in real person. ..then 2nd DJ, Gan Mei Yan. saw her during lunch time in cafeteria.. omg!! this lady ar.. kalau u keluar wif her, pls lar.. protect her sikit. she's damn skinny lar.. i wonder how she kena torture until so skinny. she was on 'thick ICI' on her face. and i tel u ar.. her hair is no more straight and short. this time she curled her hair.. jus imagine.. damn cute lar... ooohhh.. not forgetting her partner.. ** ei.. not life partner ya ** Jack Lim!! stil plump but then he had lost his weight liao. aiyo.. i'm damn 38 ler.. although can alwis see them thru tat stupid 29 inches speaking box ar, i'm stil damn jakun lar.. hehe.. tengok sampai mata tak kelip.. too bad my cam is not wif me. or else i wil go near them and take pic to prove to u guys d..

wahhaha.. seee.. oopppss.. leak out some of the benefits to u guys d. wahhaha.. yes.. gotta see some celebrities lar.. now tis time, i'm waiting for my SHE to b in msia again then i can see them in person. yahoo!!

today i would like to declare myself that i'm free from the long-boring orientation. well, today not tat bad lar.. hehe.. we got a team-building session this whole day. argghhh, jgn tanya!! i kno wat u're going to ask.. dun ask pls pls pls... ** wat have u learned?? ** aikss.. kan dah cakap jgn tanya?? tak tau bahasa ke??? tak de pe yg belajar kat sana tapi perangai 38 i ni dah keluar lar.. wahhaha.. aiyo.. hide hide manyak susah lar..

we played some games. had my lunch-mates now. yes!! wont b so boring d. we'd got ard 8 ppl to hv lunch together. Suk Sing, Sherry, Joslynn, kah yen, JC, Staley, Cyndi n ME! so happening rite? and guess wat? got 3 of us in the group are Librans.. Including ME!! yahoo!! tat means our bdays are coming.. ok.. i stil insist on my present! I WAN MY LEGO SET :P.. dah tak kisah macam mana org ketawa kat sana.. i stil wan my LEGO ya.. :P ** eh!! sapa kata i tak bulek main LEGO? kalau tak bulek, i simpan kasi i punya junior bulek ar?? **

next monday start working ler.. aiyo.. dunno how's my collix ar? dunno how's my Supervisor going to 'torture' me d.. but wic job tak kena bully one rite? but i wanna b the bully instead of kena bully.. can or not? ok.. now i take turn to bully my Supervisor.. wahahha :P aiyo.. pray hard he wont read this ya.. so u guys jus wish me luck.. pray pray for me too ya :)

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