Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visit 2 Skin Specialist - Stage 2

Hai- i'm in da clinic now waiting 4 my turn 2 see dr ranjit. But then i'd made the wrong decision 4 not making an appointment at the first place. Regretted!

I came in ard 9.20am and had 2 wait 4 an hour 2 reach my turn. Siao. Thx god tat liangzai got his E71 now. Yuppie- can blog at anytime at anywhere. I oso mau E71. Hehe...

So boring now.lotsa ppl Here. Most r ladies.. See.. Tat's y ladies' money r quite easy 2 cari untung. Haha.. Aiyo.. Using E71 2 blog reali a bit miserable. The keys r small. My fingers r quite big. Keep on typing the wrong letter. So pls forgive me 4 the typo errors ya. At least there's sth 4 me 2 do.

Hmmm... tot can make appointment tis earli morning but the nurse advised 2 walk in. So hv 2 rush 2 clinic. Eeesshhh! Stil hv 2 wait. Hopefully those made appointment earlier come in late. Haha... ** so bad of liangmui rite? But then who cares? They dun even kno i'm thinking so? Haha...**

Ok lar.. Stop blogging now.screen small, keys small, fingers big. Type oso susah. :P

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