Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday... Happy Birthday.. AGAIN?!?

paisei. today is my birthday again. for lunar calendar ya. i din kno it until Irish told me abt it. THX, Irish! but in fact, she told me jus bcos she want me to remember her birthday as well. wahahha :P. yea.. today is her birthday. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, IRISH. present ar?? tak de lar.. i'm veli poor now. hai~~ hehe.. yes.. her birthday falls jus one day later than mine. in fact, we're onli 12 hours gap of different 'come-out-from-mummy's-tummy' time. wahahha... every yr we're doing the same thing. she wished me first then i hv to wish her the next day. quite fun!! but wait! i forgotten to wish my same-birthday fren, Nix. nvm lar.. long time din contact him liao.. jus onli recall abt him. wahaha :P come no one wanna get me a set of LEGO?? hmm.. er.. since u guys dowan to get me LEGO set, then i wan EOS 450D.. hehe... i'm waiting teoh-san to gip me his baby. or inbox to pass her baby to me.. wahaha.. ok ok.. i kno.. hv to stop dreaming, kan?? tapi kenot lar.. earli morning oledi wanna dream a bit.. cos going to start my job soon. now hving my sweet time to hv breakfast.

bsically, i dun hv any romantic dinner ok. u guys gotta believe me. i dun lie. :P reali tak de. onli spent my nite @ mcd and the food reali disappoint me. arghh.. ok lar.. forget abt it!!

hey.. gotta work now lar.. jus update me when u guys got anything special ar..


  1. Wah, you want my Tiger pup ar? No way lar, he is my "bao bei" le...I sayang him so much lo. LOL.

  2. dowan ur pup lar.. get me a tigress instead...

    i forget to mentioned i wan NKB jer jer's 450D

  3. hahaha..Shud ketuk KM's head for u rite..hahaha

  4. wao... I didn't know is ur birthday again on Thursday. Happy Belated Birthday to you.