Wednesday, October 29, 2008


WTF?!?! if i got everything on hand, i wil do it myself. i dun hv to seek for his damn lame service. WTF??

everything here hv to go thru proper procedure where u hv to fill in a form to apply for software installation in my notebook. and this stupid fella was helping me out. and guess wat? i totally reali beh tahan wif his attitude. if i'm the one who is workign at the helpdesk, i wil get everything done myself without asking him for his 'expert' help. wah lao eh.. damn tulan

earli morning, my collix was asking me to get all the softwares installed in my note book and i went to see this fella. guess wat?? he doesnt sounds so friendly. i tot mayb he was under pressure cos i can see he got lotsa works to do. he told me tat i hv to wait for them to get the license so tat i can install it into my notebook and how come my collix alwis come and rush me to install everything? damn tulan at first d. but then i jus said pls help me to get watever things he had on hand into my notebook first so tat i wont hv to face my pc and note book at the same time.. tat means i'm using 2 devices to do my job. wasting my time and energy.

so after lunch, went back to get my notebook and the application was running. hey man!! this is not my job ok? u're doing it half way and u think i suppose to kno wat u're doing is it? damn tulan. so i jus ask him am i supppose to proceed ur next step? i'm jus asking his permission and he said i'm supposed to kno wat i nit to do. wah lao eh... naik angin lar.. tembak me for wat? i kno wat i'm suppose to do then i nonit bring the stupid kns heavy notebook to ur side and nit to see ur blardy face, correct? u sendiri tension u punya pasal lar.. y let it go at my side? tulan tulan.....

reali WTF!! and my collix doesnt seems like kno wat i'm toking abt? i'm wondering how they get their things done. hai~~~ FED UP -ING

if can, i wanna suggest tat i do the installation and etc etc.. nonit to go thru his blardy service.. damn IT!! reali panas lar sikarang!! ask them to pay his salary to me..


  1. I've trained myself to be patient since I joined the big company. In a big organization, there are all sorts of ppl with all types of behavior. So, gotta learn how to deal with these ppl. No choice...

  2. nkb..
    yea.. stay veli cool d.. or else meletup at his place liao.. haha...

    u're rite. i jus tahan wif him. if the next time he tembak me like this, he wil kena complain from me d.. wahhaha.. hai~ these type of ppl oso siao one. i din owe them 1Million ler..