Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday.. Getting Greener

bah~~ sekelip mata saje today oledi tuesday. wahhaha..seems like days are getting easier to pass thru? haha.. jus joking. stil suffering here. doesnt comes to an end. so boring again.

hmm.. i'm so smart. i get my assignment done in 1 day instead of 3. my head reali look high up on me lar.. giving me 3 days duration to complete one simple task. haha.. now curi ayam blogging. luckily can blog. or else i wil be bored to death. no chatting no gaming.. aiyo.. out of sudden i miss CK Wong and Janice and all my ex-collix plus frens .. no one 38 wif me here. everything liase thru email. damn sien.

today i brought my own cup here and not forgetting my ipod. good good. hopefully not as boring as i tot. anyone got the complete version for the new TVB series, The Four??? send to me pls pls pls.. kenot download lar..


  1. "curi ayam" ? Got this simpulan bahasa kah? Curi tulang la, Liang Mui. Heheheh.

  2. hello, not yet finish la.....
    go to http://www.hdtvb.net

  3. NKB,
    not finish yet meh? i tot oledi finish. paisei. btw, i cant go to tat url during workign time. after working time, lagi teruk. the line is onli a few hundreds kbps onli.. i'm not using streamyx. i'm using my hubby's co. FOC broadband line. haha.. :P

    er.. curi ayam => chinese simpulan bahasa. i like ayam more than tulang wor.. if reali wanna curi sure curi ayam lar.. tulang nonit curi.. jus take.. wahha :P