Monday, June 30, 2008

No Post of the Day!! Surprised??

hi readers.. today liangmui apply leave.. tat's y din write any post.. haha.. jus joking.. busy day.. whole day wif discussion.. kinda boring. til i almost fall asleep. hope andy gor gor and others dun read abt this ya.. later they kill me.. haha :P oklar.. so long.. wanna go home liao.. tomolo onli blogging lar.. :P

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jus MIL n Me...

well, i totally forgotten my MIL's birthday until liangzai reminded me and it was one day late!! eeeshhh eesshh.. kns liangzai.. he himself oso forgets his mum's birthday...

so wat to do? late wishes to MIL lor.. i usually dun call my MIL cos shy shy ma.. dunno wat to tok oso.. but then i called! hahaha... wished her happy belated birthday.. and she said 'guai! guai!!' (good gal! good gal!) wah seh, damn happy ler. nv tot tat one simple little wishes can make her and me happy.. great!

then grabbed the chance to ask some recipe from her. well, i hv to say tat she's a great cook. but i nv got the chance to learn from her cos she's staying in IPOH ar.. and she dun cook when she's in KL.. hai~~

ok.. i asked her abt the soup recipe -> for detoxification and my face allergy of cos, the sea coconut sweeet soup recipe and the pork ribs recipe.. wahha.. so many hor.. aiya.. food lover is like tat one.. nv leave out any chance to ask abt food and food onli.. haha..

first time, calling my MIL.. not bad huh?? will share out the recipe asap after i cook it. mayb this weekend?? depends on liangzai whether he wanna bring me to wet market or not :P..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chor Dai Di in Station 1, Cheras

yesternite liangmui went out wif 38 fishball couple (wilson and janice).. to get our newly-ordered-thru-online clothes from Janice's fren, Shanice(hope i got her name correctly).. Shanice is a petite n skinny gal. i guess guys out there will wanna protect her so much cos she wil b flying away if the wind is strong. haha..

we went to Station 1 for yam char session. janice and shanice were toking non-stop. leaving wilson and me. sitting there dreaming until wilson came out wif an idea. Lets Chor Dai Di. honestly speaking, a nice gal like me doesnt gamble one ler.. after mix wif these 38 couple, i learnt how to gamble.. wahha.. and of cos, thru viwawa.. and this is the first time i'm actuali playing in real life instead of facing my lappie.

we played abt 6 rounds and guess who's the winner?? of cos LIANGMUI lar.. 4 out of 6 games.. wilson and shanice both won 1 round and poor Janice hv to swallow a big egg into her tummy.. haha.. it was quite fun actuali. i had problems holding the poker cards on my hand cos i'm so used to hv a computerised system to arrange the cards nicely for me to play wif. haha.. playing real life.. so troublesome.. u hv to arrange the cards.. haha.. i guess my luck is here!! well, regretted for not putting any bets. haha.. nvm lar.. we played for fun rite? and we reali reali enjoy hor??

i think shanice oso kenot tahan wif us, the three 38 musketeers.. luckily she's quite a 38 poh too.. wahhahha.. Janice, dun tel her ar.. wait til she read my blog first.. wahaha :P

har?? how come no pics ar? aiyo.. first, i din bring my cam cos i totally forgotten abt it and i left it wif liangzai. 2nd, we din order anything special oso.. onli honey lemon and others.. forgotten the name d.. wahaaha.. so far environment ok lar... food hven try yet.. so no comments :) but definitely 100% better than the Station 1 in PUCHONG ya. :)

Think you're unappreciated at work?

click to enlarge for reading ya...

Theresa sent me tis to my email and i personally like the last 2 phrases.. "Don't work too hard. Nobody notices anyway".. hahaha.. ya.. work SMART instead rite??

I reali salute George!! May U Rest In Peace..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keep Fit Beans

well, i read abt the beans on a Mandarin magazine (Ladies World aka 女人世界) and i think it's quite good. cos i nv tot a small small beans can help so much.. so i think i shared out the article wif u guys ya.. hope they dun sue me for the translation.. phew...

Derived from Ladies World - Fitness Section

Beans - consists of Red, Yellow, Green and Black..
** of cos lar... dun tel me got blue ones.. haha...

How Beans Help?
1) High Fibre
Fibre helps to absorb water and toxins in body and combines as feces to be expelled out from body. It also helps to decompose fats and control fats agglomeration in our body. Since fibre helps to extract feces, therefore feces will stay in body for shorter period and reduce the chance of body to absorb excessive fats from the food taken.

2) Diuresis & perspiration (利尿排汗)
Dropsy type people have a high water level in the body and can not be expelled out from body. Thus, it will slow down the cell-regeneration process. Beans helps humans to urine and sweat easily for detoxification purposes and also helps burning the calories and fats in body.

3) Low calory
Beans contains a little amount of calories and protein. If calories absorb is less than calories digested, the excessive fats will be burn.

Different Types of Beans and Its Advantages

  • (picture taken from
    Red Beans/ Azumi Beans
    Contains High Nutrients including protein, fibre, carotene, vitamin E, Calcium, potassium, magnesium and etc. Helps stomach and spleen to function properly. Helps in Diuresis(利尿), detoxification (排毒) and anti-inflammation (消肿).

  • (picture from
    Black Beans
    Contains Fibre, Vitamin E and B1. Helps in constipation and best for ladies to consume after menstruation. Helps to improves skin and be more energetic and also good for slimming purposes.

  • (picture from
    Yellow Beans
    Contains copper, protein and calcium. Helps in lowering cholestrol level in the body and strengthen the bones. Helps in slimming purposes too.

  • (picture from
    Green Beans/ Mung Beans
    Contains calcium and iron and etc. Helps in cell-regeneration(新陈代谢)process and liver functions. Good for detoxification and strengthen stomach and spleen.
Recipe Recommended

  1. Red Bean Soup
    Red Beans - 200g
    Dried Orange peel - 5g
    Salt - A little bit

    1. Soak the beans and orange peel for 30 mins
    2. Boil beans with medium heat for 30 mins
    3. Add in orange peel and boil for 10 mins
    4. Lastly, add salt.

    Red beans helps in diuresis and prevent dropsiness. Orange peel helps for digestion. This is good for slimming purposes and improves skin texture.
    Recommended to hv it every meal daily and u can see the results after 2 weeks.

  2. Seaweed Green Bean Soup
    Green Beans - 200g
    Seaweed(海带)- 40g
    Fruit Peel(果片) - 1 piece
    Rock Sugar - 100g

    1. Soak seaweed for 30 mins and cut into smaller pieces
    2. Boil beans + fruit peel + seaweed with medium heat for 30 mins
    3. Lastly, add sugar.

    Green Beans is good for liver and kidney. Seaweed is high in protein, vitamin A and b2 which is good for colon and stomach. This can improves skin elasticity

so.. how is it? i din kno beans can help so much ler.. hehe.. summore can improve skin texture.. yes yes.. this is wat i wan.. haha...

jus a little sharing.. i'd been taking the green bean soup (of cos.. my own recipe lar.. as a dessert) once every week and i can see my face allergy seems to get better.. and it also helps to reduce the heatiness in the body.. (**oi.. dun b stingy lar.. share out ur recipe..) ok ok.. i share out to u guys...

Liangmui's Green Bean soup
Green Beans - 200g
Orange Peel - 1-2 piece(s) => depends on the size of the peel.. (dun put too much or else taste bitter..)
Rock Sugar - 100g

1. Put beans and orange peel and boil for abt 30mins with medium heat.
2. Add sugar.

u can serve chill or hot.. haha... easy rite?? even liangzai oso kno how to cook.. haha.. and he's been cooking for me abt 1 month d.. hehe.. not bad ler.. :P u guys can try it oso.. it's jus a normal n easy recipe..

P/S: dun blame me for the wrong translation ar.. pls correct me.. ei.. the whole article i can translate so much not bad d hor?? haha :P my mandarin is private limited company ar.. paisei paisei...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Just A Simple Tea Break~~

phew~~ nearly break the promise i made few weeks ago.

andy gor gor's wife made us TIRAMISU.. wow.. how great!! Thx a lot, ah sou!! and i promised gor gor tat i wil post the tiramisu pics in my blog and i nearly forgotten. the pics are not so clear cos i'm using my lao-yah SE K700i. so dun complain ar.. oledi enhance it in photoshop liao but stil doesnt looks good.. ok.. my skill problem.. ok ok? happy now? ok..

y i wanna blog abt it ar? well, this is not jus a TIRAMISU ok?? mine is the most special among the others.. GREEN TEA TIRAMISU ler.. others one are CHOC onli.. bluekss =P... cos gor gor kno i cant take choc ma.. allergic man!! so touching.. ** sob sob **

wah... the aroma of the tiramisu went thru from my nose and made me saliva-ing like hell.. macam air paip bocor kat mulut lar.. plus a nice and fragrant java... omg~~ i just couldn't wait to get myself a nice nice espresso.. but then espresso is too strong for me. and starbucks is a few KM away from office.. lazy to walk there lar.. so i jus made myself a nice nice nice NEScafe... wahhaha...

the first bite of the tiramisu... omg~~ and one small sip of nescafe.. ohhhh~~ the cheese blended so well and i wouldn't bear to jus simply swallow the cheese instead i let it melted slowly in my mouth and slowly to my throat and then to my tummy.. and the green tea powder just mixed well wif the cheese... ooohhhh~~~ i'm indulged wif the tiramisu..

the 2nd bite.. again~~ i din swallow it. but i let it melted slowly.. slowly and as slow as a tortoise... oooohhhh~~ my god~~~ there's a biscuit (i dunno how to explain.. but it's the base of the tiramisu) in the tiramisu. it's soaked wif coffee b4 the tiramisu it's baked together... omg~~ coffee+cheeeseee+ green tea powder + one lil sip of my nescafe... PERFECT!!

i hv to stop now.. my mouth is like a leaking pipe.. saliva coming out d... omg.. dun judge the TIRAMISU by its packaging.. it's not just the taste of it but the meaning lies in it.. yummy~~~

Scraping Again~~

ok.. i admit!! i'm reali free since this morning.. so playing wif PHOTOSHOP again.. haha.. aiya.. hv to familiarise wif it.. wanna cari makan wif photoshop now.. haha

first.. i go find all those scrapbooks templates from net and watever templates u saw i'm using are from Scrapbooks Templates.Com. ok? if u're good in designing using Photoshop, pls gip me some guides on this.. i'm stil a newbie..

since i got some pics of meng zai in my lappie, so i did sth like this.. ya.. for her bday.. i kno lar.. cheapskate!! but i'm POOR gal ma.. tis is wat i can do for her present nia.. :P

then i did funny stuff to joan.. cos she's going to leave me alone in this KNS co.

then did sth cute to this pic... see.. whole bunch of us.. damn 38.. not onli me ya.. :P

then i received a reminder from liangzai.. he said he's jealous cos i did sth to steve for blessings and he said steve's one not nice.. ok.. now this one nice or not?? but seriously i think steve's one nicer lar :P

so how?? any ppl can gip some comments?? tel me how is it? wanna improve tis asap lar..

ok lar.. i kno.. WORKING TIME DUN DO PERSONAL STUFF ma.. but then I GOT NUTHIN TO DO.. damn free.. hai~~ dun envy ar.. when i start work, i wil go crazy again~~

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blessings to Steve & Denise

I'd played a fool wif Photoshop again.. hehe.. how's it? gip some comments ya :)

hey 38 members.. shall we gip them some sincere blessings from the bottom of our heart??

National Convention 2008 - Part 2

ok.. some of u dun believe JJ's in Amway National Convention rite? ok.. here's the proof.. onli manage to capture a few sec of his performance ya :)

he managed to sing 3 songs

1) Soya Bean and Yiu Tiao (Yao Char Kway)
2) 1000 Years Later
3) Hooray!!

and i'm expecting more.. macam mana?? JJ!! JJ!! Encore-ing non-stop!!

National Convention 2008 - Part 1

last weekend, Sunday 22nd June 2008, was a memorable day. Well, it's the annual celebration in Bukit Jalil. can u imagine how many ppl attended this event? 1000? nop... 5000?? nop.. 10000?? nop nop nop... wahahhaha... 20000++ ler.. more geng than Jay's concert wor.. so happening.. everyone is so exciting.

we reached Bukit Jalil at 4pm. queued up. luckily the weather is not tat hot. or else i wil melt like ice-cream. so.. waited for abt 1hr and the door was opened. wow.. those ppl from the back pushing, pushing and keep on pushing. i was stucked in the middle ler.. omg!! suffocated!! but i'm not stupid oso. i pushed the one in front of me and i managed to get in first!! yahooo....

enjoying the event, the stage, the ceremony, the dances, the guest speakers, the games, and of cos lar.. JJ Lin ma.. enjoy enjoy.. but the best thing is tat hving a bunch of 38 gang together in this event! tat's y i said veli memorable. it's quite hard to get them at the same time cos they got other things to do oso ma...

ok lar.. pictures speaks louder than words.. show u guys pics enuff then u kno how enjoy we are.. :P

wahahha... the 'DEVIL' couple... see u dare to bully me or not??

the 38 ones...

the super 38 ones...

lagi teruk.. the EXTREME 38 ones... waahha :P

Group pic

this one wif the crazy faces...

more pics upcoming if i'm free to edit ya.. hahah.. a bit lazy lar..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yoga - Stress Relief

wanna take tis opportunity to apologize to all readers there.. paisei for all sorts of negative posts previously.. i was reali down and helpless plus lost. and also a big thanks to my 38 members. thx for ur concern!

i read cherrie's blog and her previous post mentioned abt her and her yoga class... tat was in muar. and i alwis tot muar is those ulu ulu kampung dun hv place for YOGA.. ** although i'm born there lar.. :) haha...

I took up yoga after introduction of my SIL. since got nuthin better to do at home during nite time, y not try out for a relaxing stretching, twisting and bending exercising rite? haha... 3 months.. reali.. i persisted to go for my yoga session every week. 2-3 times without fail. and i can say.. EXCELLENT. i enjoy it veli much. I used to hv a serious back pain due to work stress and alwis go for a massage but it doesnt cure. after 3 months joining yoga, i can feel my back is not tat pain anymore..

wat do i learn in yoga?? lotsa poses.. i'm happy cos i can twist, stretch and bend my body although not as soft as wat my teacher do lar.. feel veli syok getting all my muscles, my spine feel the pain..wahaha.. self-torturing.. teruk!! but i'm syok.. so wat...

see below for a few poses tat i alwis do in the class.. hehehe...
Wheel - stretch ur abdomen part & helps to tighten ur butt
Child - relax
Cobra - good for slimming purposes
Dancing Pose -balancing
Cow Twist - slimming abdomen

Warrior - balancing and firm up butt and also strengthen ur muscles ard ur thigh areas
Bridge - i like this the most
Wind Relieving
dunno wat is this call but it's for MEDITATION.. i nearly typed MEDICATION.. phew~~

so anyone wanna try out?? hehe.. shld gip urself a try.. :) reali helps in stress relieving...

** all pictures in this post are taken from

Thursday, June 19, 2008


aiya.. BICYCLE Needed ar!! Petrol increased, Food Price Increased!! Damn BROKE!! wanna CYCLE to the DESTINATION I WAN OLEDI!!



(picture taken from

P/S: aiya.. u think liangmui reali got tat stamina to cycle meh? tis is posted on behalf of 38 WilsonM.. WilsonM, U owe me one meal :P


liang mui is damn sick now.. hai~~ sick of everything... so ke lian...


(picture taken from


(picture taken from


(picture taken from


(picture taken from


(picture taken from

so ke lian~~ y i so sick ar?? dunno ler?? DEPRESSION or PMDD??

(picture taken from

BOTH ar!!! I guess lar...

liangmui jus wanna hv a good nice HOLIDAY~~ can can??
go where ar???

liangmui wanna go to

PARIS (picture taken from
TOKYO (picture taken from

HONG KONG (picture taken from

AUSTRALIA (picture taken from

THAILAND (picture taken from

VIETNAM (picture taken from

UK.... (picture taken from
can can???

** liangzai fainted!!.. nvm lar.. :P

i think he wil onli bring me to GENTING... or BUKIT SELESA Selesa RESORT @ Bukit Tinggi (but not SELESA => Comfortable)...

(picture taken from &

SIEN ler~~~ how ar?? any 38 gang members wanna join bo?? tat wil b better.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sadness Is #6

... after a yr working in the company and i feel myself like a dungu => (a malfunctioning BRAIN) and my IQ and EQ dropped tremendously...

Say NO to Fishy Smell

Aiks... i knew some of u tried my sandwich recipe the other day rite? and some of u commented that u dun like the fishy smell from the yolk. well, me too.. tat's y i wil onli take the white instead of the yolk.

yest i tried another new ingredient to get rid of tat fishy smell.. wanna kno??? easy...

u go to store or mini market & get one yellow LEMON.. haha... cut it half and squeeze the half to juice.. after that, cut the skin of the lemon without the pulp (er.. i think it's call pulp gua.. the white white stuff ard the lemon cos it taste bitter.. so remember, ONLI THE SKIN ya) and chopped the skin into small small pieces.. then u mix it wif ur egg mixture..

Voila~~~ ur egg sandwich doesnt hv tat fishy smell anymore..

* how come u din take pics one?? *
* my cam kena rampas (confiscated.. er.. i guess is this meaning gua) by teacher.. wahhaha.. no lar.. my BIL borrowed it & he's in SG **

So, tat's the reason y i cant take nice pics...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When it’s not just PMS

Thanks to liangzai. he asked me to read this last sunday n i cant make to take a move on reading this.. u guys kno lar.. i dun reali like to read.. but today, i dunno wat happen to me.. so i READ!!.. and i think this is quite serious for ladies..

Derived from TheStar (When it’s not just PMS)


There’s a more severe condition than pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), and it’s called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

EVERY month, Alicia goes through a painful ordeal several days before her menstruation begins.
She will be swamped by despair, sometimes even having suicidal thoughts. She will have bizarre mood swings, suddenly bursting into tears or lashing out in anger. She loses interest in work or in her own family.

During this period, her husband puts in extra effort to take care of the children, because he knows that she cannot do it. In Alicia’s own words, she becomes “out of control”. But strangely enough, these mood problems always occur a few days before her period, and go away once she starts menstruating.

You may think that Alicia just has a form of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) or that she’s exaggerating her symptoms. But in fact, what she has is a more severe condition than PMS, called PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder).

PMDD affects a woman’s mood significantly and should be taken seriously as a condition requiring medical attention.

It is a biological condition, caused by changes in the chemicals produced by the brain. It is not a psychological or personality disorder, nor is it a figment of the imagination.

PMDD affects about 5% of women who are in their reproductive years. Although this doesn’t sound like a big statistic, it is still a significant disorder because of the way it affects women.
The most noticeable thing about PMDD is the way it interferes with a woman’s lifestyle in the days before her period. Her behaviour may seem out of control, she may try to avoid contact with people, and she will be unable to function normally at work, at home or in her social life.

Do you suffer from five or more of the following symptoms, during all or most menstrual cycles?
Markedly depressed mood or feelings of hopelessness

  • Marked anxiety or tension, feeling keyed up or on edge
  • Marked shifts in mood (suddenly tearful, overly sensitive)
  • Persistent, marked anger or irritability, increased conflicts
  • Loss of interest in usual activities (e.g., work, hobbies)
  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing attention
  • Marked lack of energy, feeling very easily tired
  • Marked change in appetite, overeating, or food cravings
  • Sleeping too much or having a hard time sleeping
  • Feeling overwhelmed or out of control
  • Physical symptoms (e.g., breast tenderness/swelling, headache, joint/muscle pain, bloatedness, weight gain).
These symptoms usually appear quite regularly – in the middle of a woman’s monthly cycle, roughly a week before her period – and disappear during menstruation.

PMDD should not be confused with other mood disorders, like major depression or anxiety disorders. One easy way to tell them apart is the characteristic pattern of symptoms – the woman will feel mentally and physically well for at least seven to 10 days every month. PMDD symptoms also do not occur in women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or post-menopausal.

If you suffer from at least five PMDD symptoms during each menstrual cycle, do not be afraid to ask your gynaecologist for advice. There is no diagnostic test for this condition, but your doctor may ask you for a detailed description of your symptoms, or may ask you to keep a daily symptom diary.

If you have been diagnosed with PMDD, do not despair. There are many treatment options to help you manage the mood changes and help you get back on track again.
Your doctor may prescribe antidepressants to treat the emotional symptoms, such as depression, tearfulness, mood swings, anxiety, anger, irritability, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. One type of antidepressants called SSRIs have been shown to be most useful for women with PMDD.

These medications may be combined with anti-anxiety medications or other medications to treat the physical symptoms. Be very careful to take these medications only as advised by your doctor – increasing the dosage or mixing them indiscriminately may cause side effects or complications.

There hasn’t been much research done to study other therapies, but a healthy lifestyle never hurts!

Some nutritional practices that might be helpful include cutting down on alcohol, caffeine and salt, as well as eating more complex carbohydrates. However, there is no evidence that vitamins, supplements or herbal preparations have any effect on PMDD.

We already know that regular exercise is very good for PMS symptoms, so it may also help in PMDD. You can also try relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga.
Finally, counselling (individual or group) with a professional may also help you to understand and cope with the mood changes you are going through.

Treatment for PMDD may take two or three menstrual cycles to take effect. Do not lose hope, and do not think that getting treatment is a sign of weakness.

There is no reason to be frightened or ashamed of having PMDD. Most importantly, the people around you, especially your doctor, partner and family members, should also understand what you are going through.

Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar is a consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist (FRCOG, UK). She is co chairman of Nur Sejahtera, Women & Family Healthcare Program, Ministry of Women, Family and Development. For further information, e-mail The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Information published in this article is not intended to replace, supplant or augment a consultation with a health professional regarding the reader’s own medical care. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this column. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.


so, 38 gals, wat do u think? if u suspect urself or oledi have this problem, pls consult doctor lar.. dun make ur family or frens suffer ya :)

Happy 1st Anniversary

meng's present jus reminded me tat i'd been sticking in this kns co. for 1 yr. omg!! y? i joined last yr 15th and the 4th next (** cos i miscalculate the date. i tot her bday was 19th at first but it is on 16th) day, it was meng zai's bday. and then she received a bouquet of flowers and bear bear as a present. at first we tot her secret admirer sent her those presents but at last she found out it's from her BROTHER. so sweet!

* my bro oso dun ever gip me a call or sms during my bday. kns bro!! *
** envy envy **
*** geram wif my bro ***
**** wahahhaha ****

well, same again this yr. meng zai received another bear bear from her bro again!! aiyer.. damn sweet lar... same old thing happen to me again!!

* my bro oso dun ever gip me a call or sms during my bday. kns bro!! *
** envy envy **
*** geram wif my bro ***
**** wahahhaha ****

tis is wat i get all over the yr tat i had spent in this co. tat's y i said KNS mah!! correct bo??

** not sked ur bro kill u after reading this post meh? aiya.. not sked lar.. purposely wan him to b so sweet to me ma.. although i'm the eldest, i stil manja wif my siblings ok? btw, who say kenot! law oso din say anything abt this, rite?? **

18SX - Under Age Kenot Read

i got Blackie and Happy in office to accompany daily. but seems like ignoring them these few days.. sorry ya..

wanna see them?? later....

but then somehow i suspect them acting macam having an affair.. y so??

because they were caught red handed for misbehaving in office on tat beautiful morning..

** fainted!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sadness Is #5

.. when WilsonM showed me his certification proudly (Microsoft Certified sth sth Specialist) and i failed my paper.. ** sob sob **

Steamboat Wif 38 Gang

Do u kno y ppl alwis said ur frens will alwis beside u when u're in trouble? now i kno y. i think my 38 gang can sensed tat i wil fail my paper.. tat's y they organised another gathering again. tis time i'm sure not for Exam-fail celebration. It's Gathering wif New PPL, Denise..
** Hey Denise, Nice meeting u ** ** wink wink **

well, Steamboat session again
Venue : Restoran Talipon @ Kuchai Lama
Date : 14 June 2008
Time : 630pm
Price : Adult: Rm21.80 Children, Rm12 (exclude drinks ya)


well, i dunno whether i shld b happy or sad to hv such a bunch of 38 frens together.. i think Happy more.. wahahha..
aiyo.. tat pot ar?? i nearly fainted when i saw the pot on the fire.. so small.. 2 big gulps from my mouth then the soup wil b finished ler.. dun forget i'm a SOUP LOVER!!
check it out the below pics for the before and during session (before makan and during makan)
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
is ur saliva dripping out d?? the pork, chickens, seafood and etc etc.. i can tel u the soup is reali veli sweet lar.. yummy!!

Photobucket Photobucket
see see.. the new leng lui ler... left one is 38 Steve and the lady next to him is Denise.. well, next post will add u as 38 Denise.. so dun worry so much abt the 38 first ya.. wahahha.... the pic one the right shows tat they are damn full d.. see Denise.. dreaming away... ** oi.. camera on ur LEFT, dear **

Photobucket Photobucket
hai~~ Fishball ah pak and ah soh again!! ya lar.. from the pic u can see how desperate they are to SEAFOOD and HAM!! They jus cant stop taking it again and again ler.. hahaha... can u spot liangzai?? he damn busy taking food one lar.. of cos mostly are mine!! wahahaha...

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
the food and sauces lar... mushroom and jagung.. those are my favourites lar... tel u one joke ar..
can u see the butter there?? all are in round round shape rite?

** ahem, Joke start...

one fren of mine is a 'Tau Sah Pneah' (Salty Yellow Bean Paste Cookies) Lover and she got serious myopic problems. the joke began when she had a steamboat session wif us and she went and took some food for herself and she spotted 'Tau Sah Pneah'. She came near and shouted to me.. "faster go and grab some tau sah pneah for me. my plate veli full oledi.. kenot fit it.. put in urs first can ar?" of cos, the kind liangmui wil alwis help out if can rite? so i'm looking for tat tau sah pneah and i couldnt find it. i went and asked her "where's tat tau sah pneah u mentioned?" immediately she answered "there.. behind u lar" i nearly fainted ( -_-") when she answered so and i teased her "OOiii auntie, tat's not TAU SAH PNEAH lar.. tat one is BUTTER!!" the whole bunch of us LOL asking her to change her specs soon..

I reali mean it.. dun ask ok?? the customers behind oso ketawa-ketawa at her..

ooo.. the ladies... see Fish (in red) keep on massaging her tummy..
** oi liangmui.. buang u punya ice cream lar. take pic oso wanna take wif ice cream ar **
oi.. kenot meh?? jealous ar.. cos ur tummy cant fit the ice cream d tat's y asking me to throw rite?? but i dun care.. yummy..


The Last Survivor!! go on, Fishball Ah Pak!!


see liang zai wif the Lan Si Face.. i dunno whether Fishball Ah PAk stepped his tail or not (make him angry).. haha.. actuali no lar.. he's Damn Hot.. tat's y makan his watermelon.. hai~~

Fish said ngam ngam can fit in liangzai's head wor.. tis is the tricky one.. u kno he's too tall and i'm too short.. so hv to make him sit then i snap the pic.. and u kno lar.. my hands so short.. i think it's quite good if this take can fit his head.. guahahahha....


the leftover tat i'd taken.. ya.. lotsa clams and crabs and jelly and water melons and etc etc etc.. ** burp burppp ** veli full ler...

Yes!! my Jellwwweeee.. hehe.. yewwow in color. i ate red, green, orange and yellow.. tat's the onli colors they hv lar... summore Made In Kuantan wor... u see the factory name?? Thomyam Food Industries.. how come the jellwweee dun hv tomyam taste one??

wahahha.. well, tat's end my Nice Saturday....