Monday, June 16, 2008

Unbelievable Meet Up!

wah... omg... so hensem man... my heart is melting now.. aiyo.. cant help to think of him... woww.... i reali hope he realised me... hope he wil 'tackle' me... wah.. hmmmm.. mmmmm... ** so in love **

this is how i feel when i first saw Tony Leung @ somewhere.. regardless of the lines on his face tat is on his face, he's definitely the MAN i alwis want... wah... ** wat bt liangzai? nvm lar.. throw him in dustbin first ** i was like siao cha bo.. telling my fren how hensem he is.. how my heart pumping so fast.. and i guess he heard wat i'd said.. he had a nice glance at me and smiled.. omg!! this time, my heart melted again... jus like M&M.. 'melt in mouth but not in hands'.. haha... hmmm~~

well, tat was a few weeks ago story.. i nearly forgotten how Tony look like d cos damn busy wif work ma.. no time to check out for his latest news.. :S.. so as usual, after work.. went home and sleep like pig without dinner...

** ding dong **
** ding dong **

ok lar, coming now.. siapa ni?? earli morning at 7am oledi come and disturb disturb.. yorh.. today is saturday ler.. off day ma.. who's going to work... ish ish ish... geramm-nya...

so dragged myself to the door... opened the door and i was nearly fainted.


Tony was explaining tat he liked me so much. he gotta feel like we're closely connected. it seems like a strong bond btw us. so he asked his manager to get my address from a detective investigator.. and he planned to gave me a surprised. and of cos, he wanted his wife, CARINA to meet me too.. omg.. i was surprised and going to faint!!

Carina is so nice and beautiful. Her pear-shaped figure is reali captivating.. and she's reali friendly. u kno.. i hvent get myself washed up yet and looked like zombie. normally when ppl see u like tat, u wil feel paisei paisei rite? but surprisingly, i forgotten abt tat.. i chat and chat and chat wif them until they invited me to join them for a ride to ipoh then. i immediately agreed.

"I certainly cant go a ride wif u, joon joon" - tony said (joon joon - this is how he address me)
" y??"
"Have u ever go out wif a dirty cat before?" - he asked

** oopss.. terjaga lar aku.. belum berus gigi, belum mandi, muka macam zombie.. masih mau keluar dengan Tony & Carina kah?? haha...

i zoomed in to my room.. got myself a nice bath and well-dressed so tat wont let them embarassed. but i cant find my Levi's?? mana pergi levi's aku ni?? aiks... i washed it last weekend and it's stil outside.. how ar how ar?? wear my short pants and went get it.. ok.. at last.. sudah wear cantik cantik... then we go out for a ride..

his chauffeur was waiting downstairs during our nice chatting jus now.. i guess he mus be veli impatient. but when he saw Tony, he smiled. :) so ok lar.. 3of us.. stucked @ the passenger seats.. and chatted a lot wif Carina.. abt Family, career, trips and etc etc.. and Tony jus sat beside and listened to us. once a while, he wil interrupted us..

time fled so fast.. reached ipoh.. :) i was brought to a 5-star hotel. hving high tea wif them.. can u jus imagine? no one wil b as lucky as me to hv such a nice meal wif ur idols rite? so lucky... and it's quite unbelievable.. each and every min, i pinched myself on my lap. ** ouch! sakit-lar ** ok ok.. it's real.. haha... then i suggested to hv a nice pic wif them.. and they agreed. i took out my cheapskate digital cam and requested the waiter to take the pic.



**** ringggg riinggggg *****

aiks... wat's tat?? scare me lar... aiyer... my kns alarm clock.. spoiled my mood today.. i belum take pic yet ler... yorh!!! geramm-nya... have to wake up and work..

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