Friday, June 13, 2008

Sadness Is... #2

... when u i curi-curi cry under the blanket during midnite and earli morning when liangzai oledi slept like pig and he went out to work... bcos i'm making him like a sandwich again. stucking in btw SIL and me over the minor ridiculously small matter. (added: sasha, not on the bed okies.. hehe..) sorry dear


  1. hello...thanks for visiting. I was surprised because that was one of my oldest post ever!

    And how come yr SIL is sleeping on the same bed as you guys??? throw her out!

  2. oopss.. reali sounds like sleeping together rite?
    no lar.. jus a minor misunderstanding and it seems like one big bullock cart to her and now making my hubby dunno wat to do lor.. so he's stucked in btw..