Friday, June 27, 2008

Jus MIL n Me...

well, i totally forgotten my MIL's birthday until liangzai reminded me and it was one day late!! eeeshhh eesshh.. kns liangzai.. he himself oso forgets his mum's birthday...

so wat to do? late wishes to MIL lor.. i usually dun call my MIL cos shy shy ma.. dunno wat to tok oso.. but then i called! hahaha... wished her happy belated birthday.. and she said 'guai! guai!!' (good gal! good gal!) wah seh, damn happy ler. nv tot tat one simple little wishes can make her and me happy.. great!

then grabbed the chance to ask some recipe from her. well, i hv to say tat she's a great cook. but i nv got the chance to learn from her cos she's staying in IPOH ar.. and she dun cook when she's in KL.. hai~~

ok.. i asked her abt the soup recipe -> for detoxification and my face allergy of cos, the sea coconut sweeet soup recipe and the pork ribs recipe.. wahha.. so many hor.. aiya.. food lover is like tat one.. nv leave out any chance to ask abt food and food onli.. haha..

first time, calling my MIL.. not bad huh?? will share out the recipe asap after i cook it. mayb this weekend?? depends on liangzai whether he wanna bring me to wet market or not :P..


  1. Considered as good relationship between MIL and DIL. :D

  2. I admire this relationship of yours! Unfortunately I dont have one myself.


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