Monday, June 16, 2008

Bloggerwave - Write In Blog & Make Money

i saw this from one of the SAHM (Stay At Home Mama)'s blog (forgotten wic one d ok??) tat day and i thought mayb i can make some extra money from my blog too.

well, i dunno how good is this going to be but nvm lar.. just gip myself a chance to try and who knows, i can make money thru Bloggerwave since u guys out there kno tat i like to blog so much. but i dun blog for money ya. most of my posts are abt myself but since can earn a lil bit, y not giving a try rite?

well, Bloggerwave is sth like Nuffnang in Malaysia & Singapore. And Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europes biggest advertsing media on blogs. Enuff explanation for this? if u wanna kno more, go to dun ask me ok? haha...

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