Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Had Enough!!

i was in total speechless state when my fren, WilsonM msn-ed me yest. he mentioned 'Petrol increased to RM2.70/ liter tomolo'. and i was like omg!!

in the morning, we was toking abt the fuel increment to RM4 in august and later in the evening, it was to RM2.70 and it wil increase again in August

many of us queueing in a long line at the petrol station. everywhere was in heavy jam. even liangzai. he came back home wif an exhausted look and he was angry wif our KNS PM. yes, he's correct! so if government dowan to subsidize the fuel, y not they insist not doing so at the first place instead they jus increased the fuel price almost averagely 2-3 times per yr? we'd been argueing on this for the past few yrs. dun u guys feel tat it's kinda boring d? and wat bt the leftover of the subsidization wic is abt RM 5 million gone to? wat wil the government do wif this money? pls pls pls.... use it for the purpose of development of the country not for the officers themselves ya. i think those ANTI RASUAH party shld check the officers instead to the citizens. do u think we as citizens can bribe others? i think the government officers are the man behind slaughtering the citizens. Vision2020 -> seems like we're getting not closer but further gap. ZERO INFLATION -> it's totally bullshit to us!

i was quite shocked when WilsonM describing the situation in Sabah. i was confused when i saw his header noted 'WTF!! Sabah claimed as the poorest state in Msia?' and this is based on BN yearly report. wat happen to Sabah n Sarawak? stil suffering from electric and water shortage? how come? i tot these 2 states contributed more than 90% of the income to the government and they onli deserved 5% from the government for development? no wonder my aunt, who is staying in Tawau, alwis telling us tat we're lucky to stay in peninsular. but wat's going on wif the government? i alwis tot all the states in Msia deserves the fair treatment? but how come east msia seems like to b under-development? y are the ppl there stil nit to suffer from electric and water shortage? y and y and y? but no answer from them except bullshiting everywhere

well, i'm not so keen abt the current issues happening ard but up to this stage, i think i wil hv to get to kno more abt it. nowadays, Government is disappointing us with their so-called-good-for-citizens rules... i'm totally disappointed wif the news and the worse, to the government.. those stupid stupid issues coming out again and again non-stop.. pls dun create so many ridiculous rules again.. WE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!


  1. hey, thks for dropping. well, everyone of us have the same feeling... we have enough alraedy. but will our government hear it??

  2. unfortunately, i shld say they choose not to hear it.. too bad

  3. Barking at the wrong tree girl.

    We're the only country providing subsidy on petrol/diesel, even Thai doesn't have this subsidy.

    This is just normal when the petrol price is rising. Don't blame the gov on this.

    The BIGGEST problem we have with the current price hike (that is unavoidable) is our salary. Do you know that our base salary hasn't been raised for like 10 years while every commodity is rising.

    Don't start with Petronas ~~~ it's not even worth debating. Be thankful that we still have a subsidy while everything is rising our standard of living is still in the stone ages


  4. hey ck..

    ya.. i kno abt tat even singapore too. but then we hv the right to know where's the money going to spend on by the government rite? they even actuali explain it except asking us to b grateful tat we had subsidy.. i'm totally disappointed wif this.

    well, 2.70 is reali heavy burden. i admit i'm in total frustration when i heard abt this but then after i think abt it, we're actuali in a very good condition where government subsidises us on fuel. but wat we wan kno is wat r they going to do wif the rest of the balance? dun tel me aanother abandoned project.. there are so many un-well-planned projects by the government.. disappointing again!!

  5. EDIT: No such thing as transparency in government

    ~ on behalf of CK ~

    P/S: he wrote this to me in msn.. due to his laziness, i hv to post it for him.. haha :P