Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Just A Simple Tea Break~~

phew~~ nearly break the promise i made few weeks ago.

andy gor gor's wife made us TIRAMISU.. wow.. how great!! Thx a lot, ah sou!! and i promised gor gor tat i wil post the tiramisu pics in my blog and i nearly forgotten. the pics are not so clear cos i'm using my lao-yah SE K700i. so dun complain ar.. oledi enhance it in photoshop liao but stil doesnt looks good.. ok.. my skill problem.. ok ok? happy now? ok..

y i wanna blog abt it ar? well, this is not jus a TIRAMISU ok?? mine is the most special among the others.. GREEN TEA TIRAMISU ler.. others one are CHOC onli.. bluekss =P... cos gor gor kno i cant take choc ma.. allergic man!! so touching.. ** sob sob **

wah... the aroma of the tiramisu went thru from my nose and made me saliva-ing like hell.. macam air paip bocor kat mulut lar.. plus a nice and fragrant java... omg~~ i just couldn't wait to get myself a nice nice espresso.. but then espresso is too strong for me. and starbucks is a few KM away from office.. lazy to walk there lar.. so i jus made myself a nice nice nice NEScafe... wahhaha...

the first bite of the tiramisu... omg~~ and one small sip of nescafe.. ohhhh~~ the cheese blended so well and i wouldn't bear to jus simply swallow the cheese instead i let it melted slowly in my mouth and slowly to my throat and then to my tummy.. and the green tea powder just mixed well wif the cheese... ooohhhh~~~ i'm indulged wif the tiramisu..

the 2nd bite.. again~~ i din swallow it. but i let it melted slowly.. slowly and as slow as a tortoise... oooohhhh~~ my god~~~ there's a biscuit (i dunno how to explain.. but it's the base of the tiramisu) in the tiramisu. it's soaked wif coffee b4 the tiramisu it's baked together... omg~~ coffee+cheeeseee+ green tea powder + one lil sip of my nescafe... PERFECT!!

i hv to stop now.. my mouth is like a leaking pipe.. saliva coming out d... omg.. dun judge the TIRAMISU by its packaging.. it's not just the taste of it but the meaning lies in it.. yummy~~~


  1. Wei, making me salivating now, how ar? I want compensation, haha, just kidding...

  2. wow... green tea tiramisu!! first time hearing it... got recipe ah?? can share ah???

  3. hi lil inbox...
    compensation ar?? in tummy d.. next time if got another piece, i'll help u to enjoy it ya.. u kno lar.. now everything increase ar, courier to u oso quite expensive plus the tiramisu wil spoil during the process to ur side so might as well i makan for u.. yahoo~~ :P

    hi NKB,
    sorry ar.. i dun hv the recipe.. but nvm.. i try to ask tat ah sou whether she wanna gip gip or not.. ehhe.. if got, i wil share out in my post then we try to make one small for our hubby ya and the big one we makan ourselves.. haha..

  4. that sounds like i shd try making tiramisu edi..

  5. haha... u shld actuali =)
    but baking one is not easy.. lotsa tedious job to take care too.. haha..