Thursday, June 12, 2008


ahem~~ due to boredom, i start to b veli 38 to my frens and i asked them this funny question... it began like this

"y ppl call husband as hubby in short. but not 'wifey' for wife in short?".. good question rite??

okies, here are some responses i got from my big bunch of frens and i get a small feedback from them.. (gerammmmm-nnnyaa.. ppl crack head for this and so less respond)

Andy said
"haha.. dun know leh.. husband .. sounds "hard" kua. hubby more lovely ..haha...
wife .. already so sweet mah... haha"
- all i get from him is the haha and sweet but then wife sounds a bit mature hor.. hubby sounds a bit like baby face husband

then Janice said
"i mana tau.. i guess this all wat ppl said new word..
dunno ler.. hugable?"
- ur teddy bear oso hugable ma.. y not u call ur teddy as hubby too??

then Joan said
"haha.. got such "wifey" in dictioanary meh"
- if got, i nonit to ask u oledi ma :P

then Hanamici (my dearest sis) said
"wifey?? wafer?? wi-fi??"
- wah lao weh... oledi mentioned hubby and wifey and summore think of FOOD and ENTERTAINMENT.. no wonder u cant slim down... wahahha

then WilsonM said
"i donno wor... i learn hubby this word from KL people.. 3 yrs ago"
- ya.. i'm wondering where i learnt the word HUBBY from too... nvm, we start the wifey first. who knows one day it might b in OXFORD dictionary ler

then Steve said
":"(.. not sure"
- if i'm sure, then i nonit ask u rite? wahahha...

then Gobby said
"cos it sounds similar to.... woofy.... wifi... "
- er.. too addicted to doggies liao.. wahaha.. how's ur Buddy??

then Chee Keen said
"wife is short than wifey"
- ya hor.. correct oso.. save time and saliva.. next time they wil increase the price of water liao...

then Jenmy said
- so funny meh??

and lastly, Ivy said
"eii.. really dunno y wor..y har?"
- no y y lar.. jus being 38 nia ma.. kenot meh :P

so tat's all for the reponses.. any feedbacks, pls kindly update ur comments ar.. wahhaa.. reali boring lar... pls view my comments in yewwweoow

P/S: aiyo.. this uncle Jimmy ar.. alwis slow slow in respond one..

ok.. last last last.. reali last liao, Uncle Jimmy said
"if u want to.
sometimes we call them prison guard"
- wahahhaa... see.. old Uncle can b as 38 as I do too.. but then one prison can hv many guards wor.. do u think u can??

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