Friday, June 20, 2008

Yoga - Stress Relief

wanna take tis opportunity to apologize to all readers there.. paisei for all sorts of negative posts previously.. i was reali down and helpless plus lost. and also a big thanks to my 38 members. thx for ur concern!

i read cherrie's blog and her previous post mentioned abt her and her yoga class... tat was in muar. and i alwis tot muar is those ulu ulu kampung dun hv place for YOGA.. ** although i'm born there lar.. :) haha...

I took up yoga after introduction of my SIL. since got nuthin better to do at home during nite time, y not try out for a relaxing stretching, twisting and bending exercising rite? haha... 3 months.. reali.. i persisted to go for my yoga session every week. 2-3 times without fail. and i can say.. EXCELLENT. i enjoy it veli much. I used to hv a serious back pain due to work stress and alwis go for a massage but it doesnt cure. after 3 months joining yoga, i can feel my back is not tat pain anymore..

wat do i learn in yoga?? lotsa poses.. i'm happy cos i can twist, stretch and bend my body although not as soft as wat my teacher do lar.. feel veli syok getting all my muscles, my spine feel the pain..wahaha.. self-torturing.. teruk!! but i'm syok.. so wat...

see below for a few poses tat i alwis do in the class.. hehehe...
Wheel - stretch ur abdomen part & helps to tighten ur butt
Child - relax
Cobra - good for slimming purposes
Dancing Pose -balancing
Cow Twist - slimming abdomen

Warrior - balancing and firm up butt and also strengthen ur muscles ard ur thigh areas
Bridge - i like this the most
Wind Relieving
dunno wat is this call but it's for MEDITATION.. i nearly typed MEDICATION.. phew~~

so anyone wanna try out?? hehe.. shld gip urself a try.. :) reali helps in stress relieving...

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  1. hahahahaha...good more negative good.

  2. ur head...

    u better treat me extremely good or else negatives are stil ard me

  3. i already treat you extremly good...sehingga i become sugar cane fiber.......cannot squice anymore...

  4. nvm lar.. sugar cane habis squeeze then become apple or orange lor...

  5. Hi LM, How are you?
    I think I really need some stretching, bending, Relaxing... I went for yoga class, I think is really good, will go back from basic, cos bone is hard already, haha! good reminder to me, thanks!

  6. Hey, cool...Keep it up! It's a good practice for health and slimming purpose.

  7. you have to practise from the 'law of attraction', think positively and visualise in more details of things that you want in your life goal and you will get your dream.

  8. hi molly...
    it's alwis good to go back from basic first. :) well, i'm stil in basic too... haha :)

    hi lil inbox,
    u're rite!! i hv to continue practising yoga persistently and consistently so tat i reali can slim down a lil bit more

    hi stevie,
    wil take ur advise in serious consideration! thx a lot!

  9. hey, thks for showing this. in fact, i really want to learn, as i've put on a lot and, difficult to shed some out.

    btw, you dont be so down ya??!! take things easy....

  10. hi NKB, thx!! i'm feeling better now :)