Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keep Fit Beans

well, i read abt the beans on a Mandarin magazine (Ladies World aka 女人世界) and i think it's quite good. cos i nv tot a small small beans can help so much.. so i think i shared out the article wif u guys ya.. hope they dun sue me for the translation.. phew...

Derived from Ladies World - Fitness Section

Beans - consists of Red, Yellow, Green and Black..
** of cos lar... dun tel me got blue ones.. haha...

How Beans Help?
1) High Fibre
Fibre helps to absorb water and toxins in body and combines as feces to be expelled out from body. It also helps to decompose fats and control fats agglomeration in our body. Since fibre helps to extract feces, therefore feces will stay in body for shorter period and reduce the chance of body to absorb excessive fats from the food taken.

2) Diuresis & perspiration (利尿排汗)
Dropsy type people have a high water level in the body and can not be expelled out from body. Thus, it will slow down the cell-regeneration process. Beans helps humans to urine and sweat easily for detoxification purposes and also helps burning the calories and fats in body.

3) Low calory
Beans contains a little amount of calories and protein. If calories absorb is less than calories digested, the excessive fats will be burn.

Different Types of Beans and Its Advantages

  • (picture taken from
    Red Beans/ Azumi Beans
    Contains High Nutrients including protein, fibre, carotene, vitamin E, Calcium, potassium, magnesium and etc. Helps stomach and spleen to function properly. Helps in Diuresis(利尿), detoxification (排毒) and anti-inflammation (消肿).

  • (picture from
    Black Beans
    Contains Fibre, Vitamin E and B1. Helps in constipation and best for ladies to consume after menstruation. Helps to improves skin and be more energetic and also good for slimming purposes.

  • (picture from
    Yellow Beans
    Contains copper, protein and calcium. Helps in lowering cholestrol level in the body and strengthen the bones. Helps in slimming purposes too.

  • (picture from
    Green Beans/ Mung Beans
    Contains calcium and iron and etc. Helps in cell-regeneration(新陈代谢)process and liver functions. Good for detoxification and strengthen stomach and spleen.
Recipe Recommended

  1. Red Bean Soup
    Red Beans - 200g
    Dried Orange peel - 5g
    Salt - A little bit

    1. Soak the beans and orange peel for 30 mins
    2. Boil beans with medium heat for 30 mins
    3. Add in orange peel and boil for 10 mins
    4. Lastly, add salt.

    Red beans helps in diuresis and prevent dropsiness. Orange peel helps for digestion. This is good for slimming purposes and improves skin texture.
    Recommended to hv it every meal daily and u can see the results after 2 weeks.

  2. Seaweed Green Bean Soup
    Green Beans - 200g
    Seaweed(海带)- 40g
    Fruit Peel(果片) - 1 piece
    Rock Sugar - 100g

    1. Soak seaweed for 30 mins and cut into smaller pieces
    2. Boil beans + fruit peel + seaweed with medium heat for 30 mins
    3. Lastly, add sugar.

    Green Beans is good for liver and kidney. Seaweed is high in protein, vitamin A and b2 which is good for colon and stomach. This can improves skin elasticity

so.. how is it? i din kno beans can help so much ler.. hehe.. summore can improve skin texture.. yes yes.. this is wat i wan.. haha...

jus a little sharing.. i'd been taking the green bean soup (of cos.. my own recipe lar.. as a dessert) once every week and i can see my face allergy seems to get better.. and it also helps to reduce the heatiness in the body.. (**oi.. dun b stingy lar.. share out ur recipe..) ok ok.. i share out to u guys...

Liangmui's Green Bean soup
Green Beans - 200g
Orange Peel - 1-2 piece(s) => depends on the size of the peel.. (dun put too much or else taste bitter..)
Rock Sugar - 100g

1. Put beans and orange peel and boil for abt 30mins with medium heat.
2. Add sugar.

u can serve chill or hot.. haha... easy rite?? even liangzai oso kno how to cook.. haha.. and he's been cooking for me abt 1 month d.. hehe.. not bad ler.. :P u guys can try it oso.. it's jus a normal n easy recipe..

P/S: dun blame me for the wrong translation ar.. pls correct me.. ei.. the whole article i can translate so much not bad d hor?? haha :P my mandarin is private limited company ar.. paisei paisei...


  1. Hi Liang Mui, No wonder you so liang hah! I think I am going to buy several types of bean and keep in the fridge, otherwise I will forget about it again later. out of sight out of mind lor.Thanks for the recipes!

  2. Liang Mui, share with you my red bean soup and my black bean soup. Feel free to try it out!

  3. hi molly..
    haha.. thx for the compliments ya.. hehe..

    hi lil inbox
    i saw ur recipe b4.. but i hven try tat. i wil do so..

  4. Black bean soup good for those under confinement treatment.

    Red beans good for insomnia.

  5. wah.. this is good.. i like desserts and soups veli muchie... hehe

  6. Thanks for the bean sharing. keke
    I personally love green beans and soya bean. You make me wanna boil green bean soup this weekend!