Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scraping Again~~

ok.. i admit!! i'm reali free since this morning.. so playing wif PHOTOSHOP again.. haha.. aiya.. hv to familiarise wif it.. wanna cari makan wif photoshop now.. haha

first.. i go find all those scrapbooks templates from net and watever templates u saw i'm using are from Scrapbooks Templates.Com. ok? if u're good in designing using Photoshop, pls gip me some guides on this.. i'm stil a newbie..

since i got some pics of meng zai in my lappie, so i did sth like this.. ya.. for her bday.. i kno lar.. cheapskate!! but i'm POOR gal ma.. tis is wat i can do for her present nia.. :P

then i did funny stuff to joan.. cos she's going to leave me alone in this KNS co.

then did sth cute to this pic... see.. whole bunch of us.. damn 38.. not onli me ya.. :P

then i received a reminder from liangzai.. he said he's jealous cos i did sth to steve for blessings and he said steve's one not nice.. ok.. now this one nice or not?? but seriously i think steve's one nicer lar :P

so how?? any ppl can gip some comments?? tel me how is it? wanna improve tis asap lar..

ok lar.. i kno.. WORKING TIME DUN DO PERSONAL STUFF ma.. but then I GOT NUTHIN TO DO.. damn free.. hai~~ dun envy ar.. when i start work, i wil go crazy again~~


  1. hey, the way you design those pictures very nice leh!!! good job!

  2. hi NKB,
    thx thx!! but then i din design it.. i jus simply download the templates and add those pics into the templates.. i reali hope i can b tat creative but too bad.. i dun hv tat cells yet.. haha

  3. wowowowowo, used meng zai photo to public at your blog....charge u copyright RM0.10 lai lai lai....give it to me....also, meng zai bearbear copyright also Rm0.05.....hahahahahhaha....

    yr creative very special lo....but i am lazy to learn la.....next time u just help me do la...

  4. my pleasure if u wan.. haha...