Monday, June 30, 2008

No Post of the Day!! Surprised??

hi readers.. today liangmui apply leave.. tat's y din write any post.. haha.. jus joking.. busy day.. whole day wif discussion.. kinda boring. til i almost fall asleep. hope andy gor gor and others dun read abt this ya.. later they kill me.. haha :P oklar.. so long.. wanna go home liao.. tomolo onli blogging lar.. :P


  1. Busy ar? Seldom hear you complaint busy wor...

  2. wahhahaha... so understanding..
    hmm.. i guess i mus b alwis complaining i'm free tat's y it's kinda surprise rite?? :)

  3. no wonder la..... didn't see any post at all....
    i thought what happened. :)

  4. hi NKB,
    aiyo.. ok ok.. i start to write today lar.. :D