Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Swearing and Cursing

phew~~ liangzai was complaining abt me yesterday.. ** sob sob ** y ar?? dunno ler... mayb recently i cursed too much and screwed ppl too much~~ wah, liangmui, since when u like cursing and screwing ppl ar??

aiya... alwis do ma.. but not so serious like now.. haha.. ei.. i think liangzai gone coo-koo liao.. i din curse ppl one ler.. hate to curse ppl cos later i wil get the bad karma for myself oso.. so i nv curse... if u guys telling me tat i alwis say F***k U, Tulan, TMD, KNS, ei.. tat one is swearing lar.. not cursing.. wahhaha :P...

well, where do i learn this stuff? i knew it when i was a kid jus tat stil under parents control so i dun reali dare to tok it out loud.. now got wings oledi.. so wanna behave like an adult. (i'm oledi an adult ma)...

i noticed tat i swear a lot... i Tulan my boss, my frens (those bad ones) and etc etc.. whenever my face turned into red hot fire, i like to use 'TULAN' words.. i even tulan my liangzai.. wahahha... sometimes he wil say "wei.. dun tulan me ar.. cos u dun hv one".. gerrrrrrraammm nya... tat was when i wil start shouting back to him but in my heart, "if i got 1, i guess u wont marry me rite?" wahahhaa....

well, i think swearing is normal.. but it seems kinda abnormal for ladies to swear like tat rite? can u imagine if a lady sitting at the mamak and shout as if nobody bis => "hey, F**kers, nah-beh u.. say wanna pay for it but then i hv to keluar my own money?" . ooppss... sound a bit kurang ajar rite? but y when a guy shout like tat, we treat it as normal? liangzai alwis say if a guy dun swear, he's not the man? but y MEN wanna swear tat much?

i recalled a college fren where he alwis swears. haha.. 9 out of 10 words from a full sentence are for swearing purposes. i used to hate him so much.. bcos i think he's kinda kurang ajar.. ooppss, sorry ar.. i dun mean to scold his parents.. i mean he's kinda low class.. he even cursed ppl til their 18th upper-generations of the family.. not good rite? but now.. my turn ler.. eh eh.. as i said, i dun curse ppl but i swear a lot... aiye... how ar?

i realised tat when u swear, u can release ur anger. i mean other ppl will kno u're tat super super extremely angry man!! it's jus like "I'm angry wif u" and "I'm DAMN angry wif u". the latter one sounds tat u're extremely angry rite?

ok.. i wanna try stopping all those swearing liao.. but how?? working in a pressure world and living in such "rushing" society... :S.. i think i wil stil continue swearing.. wahahha....

btw, sorry for being rude for most of the time. but true frens wont care tat much rite? i think among my frens, i'm the one who swear the most.. paisei lar.. i try my best ya.. support me pls... ok.. one rule.. if i ever swear again, pls gip me a sweet!! wahahha... :)

i found sth from this is exactly wat i wan.. haha.. well, it goes like this..

Swearing vs. Cursing
A lot of people use the words "swearing" and "cursing" interchangeably. Some language experts, however, differentiate between the two. Swearing involves using profane oaths or invoking the name of a deity to give a statement more power or believability. Cursing takes aim at something specific, wishing for or trying to cause a target's misfortune.


  1. Is your that friend is also a fren of mine??haha...If yes, i can guess who it is la..:P
    I alwiz chased him out for swearing too much in my room...Pollute the environment..

  2. Most of the time I swear out loud when nobody's around, especially when I'm driving alone and I meet some stupid cars.

    During any other time, I will swear silently if I get very pissed off.

  3. irish, same old fella lar... haha.. but i dun even got the chance to chase him lar cos he dun like me and vice versa, i dun like him too.. so no harm to me.. better still.. nonit to waste energy to chase him like u. haha :P

    grace, sometimes i cant control myself when my anger level reach the max and i wil like spoil my own image. haha.. not tat good to swear out loud for a lady rite? hehe... but i wil stil swear silently.. hahaha :) support support?