Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Letter to My Boss

Dear Torturing Boss,

I would like to lodge a complain rgding some of your department's staffs' working attitude . I know u got lotsa things on hand rite now. but i reali hope u can seriously take a look at this matter first.

As there are saying mentioned 'Pictures proves everything', therefore, I hereby, attach some of the pictures to prove so.

this is liangmui.. she always waste her time by smiling to ppl whoever walk in to your department. it's kinda annoying as her face is full of pimples and yet she thinks tat she's the prettiest among the gals.

this is joan.. she jus cant stop laughing to humans and the worst case is to her laptop. pls kindly advise her to seek professional advice from the mental consultant u went to previously. and pls remove the metal braces from her teeth so that she wont scare ppl who had heart attack.

this is Jer jer.. oh, she's totally exhausted. can u pls delegate some of her jobs to others and add in more challenging stuffs to her? she always found taking a nap during office hours. this shows that the jobs u assigned are too simple for her to solve it from her finger tips. pls fully utilise ur staffs' capability and ability.

and this is teoh... pls advice him to have enuff sleep at nite instead of acting like a panda during working hours. well, we dun mind to see him with his tired look but then we hv to take care of company's image. they cant show their tired faces to our customers. or else the customers will mis-interpreting tat our company are squeezing the staffs up to their max level.

pls kindly take some necessary action. i do hope tat there will be some improvements soon.
your co-operation is appreciated.
thank you

yours sincerely,
Total Annoyed Staff.

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