Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chor Dai Di in Station 1, Cheras

yesternite liangmui went out wif 38 fishball couple (wilson and janice).. to get our newly-ordered-thru-online clothes from Janice's fren, Shanice(hope i got her name correctly).. Shanice is a petite n skinny gal. i guess guys out there will wanna protect her so much cos she wil b flying away if the wind is strong. haha..

we went to Station 1 for yam char session. janice and shanice were toking non-stop. leaving wilson and me. sitting there dreaming until wilson came out wif an idea. Lets Chor Dai Di. honestly speaking, a nice gal like me doesnt gamble one ler.. after mix wif these 38 couple, i learnt how to gamble.. wahha.. and of cos, thru viwawa.. and this is the first time i'm actuali playing in real life instead of facing my lappie.

we played abt 6 rounds and guess who's the winner?? of cos LIANGMUI lar.. 4 out of 6 games.. wilson and shanice both won 1 round and poor Janice hv to swallow a big egg into her tummy.. haha.. it was quite fun actuali. i had problems holding the poker cards on my hand cos i'm so used to hv a computerised system to arrange the cards nicely for me to play wif. haha.. playing real life.. so troublesome.. u hv to arrange the cards.. haha.. i guess my luck is here!! well, regretted for not putting any bets. haha.. nvm lar.. we played for fun rite? and we reali reali enjoy hor??

i think shanice oso kenot tahan wif us, the three 38 musketeers.. luckily she's quite a 38 poh too.. wahhahha.. Janice, dun tel her ar.. wait til she read my blog first.. wahaha :P

har?? how come no pics ar? aiyo.. first, i din bring my cam cos i totally forgotten abt it and i left it wif liangzai. 2nd, we din order anything special oso.. onli honey lemon and others.. forgotten the name d.. wahaaha.. so far environment ok lar... food hven try yet.. so no comments :) but definitely 100% better than the Station 1 in PUCHONG ya. :)

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